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  • 01/25/16--05:30: Virtual PBX
  • Virtual PBX is a budget-friendly form of hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that usually only handles inbound calls. A virtual PBX is typically intended for small business VoIP customers with fewer than 10 employees and low-volume telephone traffic.

    What Is Virtual PBX?

    A virtual PBX is an economy-class version of hosted PBX. Hosted and virtual PBX systems are business VoIP PBX phone systems that transmit calls over the Internet as data.

    A virtual PBX offers inexpensive business VoIP telephone service to small businesses. As with a hosted PBX phone systems, a virtual PBX is owned and maintained off-site by a VoIP service provider. A virtual PBX enables a small business telephone system to access enterprise-level features such as auto attendants and voicemail. With virtual PBX small business telephone systems, small start-ups, mom-and-pop shops, freelancers, and entrepreneurs can all present a professional image to vendors, investors, and customers.

    Depending on the service provider, a virtual PBX phone system may require a separate phone service for outbound calls.

    Virtual PBX Features

    Virtual PBX phone systems offer lower costs and fewer features than hosted PBX phone services. Compared to hosted PBX small business telephone systems, virtual PBX service is limited to the most basic fundamentals of business-oriented call controls. Virtual PBX is geared toward simple inbound call-routing for SoHo offices with few personnel, small budgets, and limited calling needs. As with many hosted PBX calling services, most virtual PBX phone systems do not require a contract or term commitment.

    Standard features offered with most virtual PBX plans are:

    • Voicemail
    • Auto attendant
    • Unlimited call handling (no busy signals)
    • Call forwarding


    Virtual PBX phone systems generally:

    • Handle only inbound calls
    • Offer a limited number of extensions
    • May not include Fax over IP (FoIP) services
    • Include a set amount of free minutes
    • May not offer voicemail-to-email
    • May not include international long-distance coverage
    • May not offer Internet fax service
    • May charge extra for conference calling

    The features offered vary by virtual PBX VoIP provider. As VoIP service becomes a more common solution for small business telephone systems, many virtual PBX plan features are incorporating the more advanced features of hosted PBX phone systems. Compare plans and prices to determine the best virtual PBX solution.


    Virtual PBX phone prices depend on a variety of factors, such as the features included. Virtual PBX phone service plans can start as low as $9.95 (Grasshopper) per month.

    Virtual PBX Service Providers

    Some virtual PBX providers include:

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  • 01/25/16--09:43: MegaPath Reviews
  • MegaPath provides business phone service to companies of all sizes.

    Even before Internet telephony became a widely understood and used concept in the world of business, MegaPath was becoming well known as a VoIP trailblazer. Since its foundation in 1996, the company has made it clear time and time again that its mission is to provide the very best possible technology to business owners and consumers, whether it be for data, voice, or security services. While the company has certainly changed and evolved due to growing and changing needs since its inception, its goal has remained the same: to offer the very best when it comes to VoIP and data security services.

    Pros of MegaPath

    Although MegaPath is primarily designed to provide services to larger businesses, particularly those that span multiple locations and offices, the company is equipped to service businesses of all sizes and types, including small and medium-sized companies. The network they use follows MPLS standards, which means that the route by which the traffic travels throughout the network can be modified in order to obtain the fastest possible transfer speeds. Not only this, but all of MegaPath's services revolve around a secure network, meaning that clients can be confident in both the safety of their business' data as well as the personal information of their employees.

    High-speed internet is undoubtedly the most popular of the numerous services offered by MegaPath. The internet capabilities are available through several different formats, each of which has its own set of features and abilities. It can be argued that perhaps the most widely needed of these offerings is the data-based Ethernet internet service which allows clients to select either identical upload and download speeds or to customize their speeds in a way that suits their needs, for a total of up to 135 Mbps. This type of service is beneficial for many reasons, the most important of which is the business' ability to maintain a connection even in the event of failure in one or more areas.

    MegaPath offers several other broadband internet services as well including EODS1 which is ideal for those businesses that crave fast transfer speeds that are unaffected by large distances. Additionally, the company offers T1, T3, managed WiFI, DSL, and other services in order to best meet the needs of all clients.

    MegaPath also offers several types of voice services, including affordable SIP trunking which works in conjunction with IP PBX systems. While the prices will vary based on existing promotions and offers, clients can expect to pay as little as $9.95 per trunk when the service is bundled with data. For companies that do not have the ability to manage in-house voice systems, MegaPath offers services that include a myriad of useful features, including call forwarding, CRM integration, voicemail transcription, call recording, and the like. MegaPath also makes managing these features simple through a convenient online portal.

    Customer satisfaction is a big priority, with the hosted voice plans including 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantees as well as 24/7 customer support. Each plan includes over 50 different popular features as well as unlimited nationwide and local calling. The Enterprise Plan also includes unlimited calling to 22 countries as well as low international rates where applicable. The systems are all user friendly, and MegaPath offers complimentary administrator and user training in order to ensure that the client is able to utilize all features of their voice plan optimally.

    MegaPath also offers a whole host of other business network services that go far beyond your average voice systems. Redundant cloud hosting provides business owners with the ability to either supplement or replace their current or non-existing infrastructure. Additionally, MegaPath provides SaaS options which include hosting for SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange as well as Mozy-supplemented DRaaS options.

    The Consensus

    MegaPath has a lot going for it as a business VoIP and network service provider. It offers a wide selection of services and products and has been recognized as a Master Service Provider by Cisco and has received an A+ rating from the BBB as well. The company's commitment to high-quality infrastructure also protects the client from data loss and security breaches. In addition, the promotions offered on MegaPath's products make it an affordable option for many businesses. Some of the most popular bundles and service packages include:

    • Local hosted voice plans beginning at $19.95 per month/user
    • Business voice plans starting at $24. ...

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  • 01/25/16--09:46: Panterra Networks Reviews
  • With the sophisticated CloudUC advanced telecommunications plans now available from PanTerra, your business communications will be streamlined, cost-efficient and highly effective. In fact, PanTerra's cloud-based plans make all areas of business communications much more direct and simple than ever before, although these services are all based on the most updated, state-of-the-art technology. These Unified Communications designs can be customized to suit your company's specific preferences and needs. By carefully integrating and coordinating cloud PBX, messaging, contact center and multiple-party collaboration as well as cloud storage, the CloudUC structure and design minimizes and clarifies necessary IT administration. It also reduces IT operational costs as it helps raise levels of overall productivity by users. The best part is that PanTerra invites you and your business associates to test drive their CloudUC plans in a risk-free trial before investing in one of their superior quality networks service plans.

    What Makes PanTerra CloudUC the Ideal Choice for All Companies

    Like the majority of other successful VoIP companies today, PanTerra has cloud-based networks service plans that can be customized as a perfect fit for virtually any type and size of business. Central to each service package is CloudUC as PanTerra's hosted PBX design. The primary outstanding benefit of the CloudUC system is that it enables users to enjoy accessing myriad popular options and standard features of a modern, updated telecommunications system. A major convenience and cost-saver for companies of all sizes is that this system is compatible with most SIP phones as well as user-following features.

    These handy options keep mobile users connected while providing countless auto-attendant services and other attractive functions. For example, the full-featured contact center easily accommodates the needs of companies with high incoming call volumes that require intelligent engagement rather than a simple answering feature. Both time and money are saved with such helpful options as the Push Customer to Agent feature, which quickly and accurately transfers each incoming call within the system's interface for users. With automatic call return, each customer who calls your company during hours of peak caller volumes will no longer need to endure lengthy holding time, waiting to be connected to the appropriate company agent or division.

    Overall Advantages of Cloud-Based IT Services from PanTerra

    Important overall advantages of choosing CloudUC services from PanTerra for your business include the following:

    • PanTerra, an acclaimed telecommunications systems company, provides a complete selection of cloud-based communications options.
    • This cloud-hosted telecom service offers attractive and highly functional features that can be customized to suit the specific goals and needs of each individual company.
    • Pricing for services is customized for each client as well, with no set prices for features with the exception of SmartBox, the sharing option for files, priced at just $15 per month.
    • Company management and staff members can transfer calls to and from their mobile digital devices for smooth operation of business communications.
    • Incoming call volumes and updated caller analytics are easily handled by the Cloud Contact Center, leaving employees free to take care of other valuable business-related tasks.

    Cloud-Based Network Service Plans Available for Business

    PanTerra's CloudUC services can be specifically structured to meet the needs of small companies (of less than 50 users), mid-sized enterprises (of 50 to 500 users), and Enterprises (of 500 to 5,000+ users). Comprehensive cloud service plans available for clients from PanTerra include the following:

    Business Voice - The Business Voice plan from PanTerra offers such modern features as cloud PBX, client mobile app capability, encryption both at-rest and in-transit, plugin for Outlook, 2 GB SmartBox storage, and unlimited calls, call recording and voice mail. (PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, a private phone network for use within a company structure by the staff. External calls are placed on shared, outside telephone lines.)

    Professional - With the Professional cloud-based service plan, clients enjoy all the basic services included in the Business Voice plan plus the integrated softphone feature, the desktop UCC client option, digital fax support, secure IM with presence and unlimited conference calling. ...

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  • 01/25/16--12:02: VoIP Providers USA
  • This is a list of VoIP providers in the USA. These companies typically support multi-line telephone systems, small PBX gateways and hosted VoIP. Please add VoIP Providers USA to the list below.

    VoIP Providers in the USA

    • ALTOTELECOMCall Center VoIP provider - AltoTelecom is VoIP company that provides SIP Trunking services for Call Centers, hotels, small and large business using a PBX or an Asterisk based predictive dialer such as Vicidial or Goautodial for telemarketing sales, wholesale rates to USA, Canada and UK CHAT Support Available

    • CHECKBOX, VoIP Carrier, Wholesale A-Z, CALL CENTER CARRIER - We provide VoIP connection specially for CALL CENTERS / MARKETING COMPANIES who needs High Stress / CPS routes, We have USA CC, Canada CC, Australia CC, China CC, UK CC and others, Direct Routes to many countries.
    • Vox Connect - Cloud based phone systems, cloud hosted PBX, SIP trunks Vox Connect is a cloud-based phone systems provider serving Chicago’s home, small and medium-sized businesses. We provide cloud hosted phone systems, hosted PBX ( also known as cloud based PBX ), domestic and international calling services, local/toll free numbers for USA and Canada.Our high-quality cost-effective telecom services are custom-designed to fit your business – and your budget.

    • Zaplee - Seamlessly integrate with Skype, GoogleTalk, VoIP, SIP, landline and mobile phones to make Zaplee fit into your existing framework easily. Forward and route calls to any line of your choosing, and keep track of new voicemails right in your email mailbox. Inbound calls to Skype and SIP extensions are FREE and Other are 2.3 cents per minute in the United States. ...

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  • 01/25/16--13:48: Ooma vs magicJack Plus
  • Ooma and magicJack are two residential alternative VoIP services. Most VoIP providers charge a monthly fee, either based on minute usage or by a flat rate.

    Ooma and magicJack are similar services that both claim they don’t charge monthly fees. While magicJack started as a PC add-on, Ooma devices (Telo and Hub) are analog telephone adapters. The magicJack PLUS 2014 device is also an ATA.


    Both Ooma (Premier) and magicJack PLUS 2014 offer free trials. While Ooma has no direct monthly fee, there are taxes due every month that amount to about $3.50 per month. MagicJack, on the other hand, has an annual fee of $29.99.
    Each device has an initial cost. The Ooma Telo costs $199.99. The magicJack Plus’ retail cost is $49.95, which includes the first six months of service free.

    Ooma - $199.99 for Ooma Telo device, $3.50 in taxes and fees a month
    MagickJack PLUS 2014 - $49.95 initial, then $29.95 yearly, or $19.95 per year if purchased with a 5-year service plan


    Features of each device are largely comparable. 3-way calling on Ooma only comes with Premier ($119.99 a year). Certain features on the Ooma are restricted with the Ooma Hub device, such as the online phonebook.

    Both Ooma and magicJack Plus have free in-network calling. Both services have international calling at low VoIP rates.

    MagicJack PLUS 2014 Features

    • works without a computer, ATA
    • unlimited calling within US/Canada
    • call waiting, 3-way calling, caller ID
    • call forwarding
    • voicemail, voicemail to email
    • call back to the US/Canada free when abroad
    • e911
    • number porting ($19.95)
    • iPhone app

    Ooma Features

    • unlimited calling within US/Canada
    • caller ID, call waiting
    • voicemail
    • take anywhere
    • e911
    • number port ($39.99)
    • online call history

    Note on International Use

    From Ooma's FAQ:

    The Ooma system can be used anywhere there is a high-speed Internet connection. Regardless of where you use it, calls to the US will be free and calls outside the US will be subject to low-cost international rates. If you plan to use the device overseas, be sure to use a phone that meets US standards, and be aware that the power supply that comes with the Ooma Hub is built for US power specifications. Also, if you choose to install and use the Ooma system outside the US, you'll be solely responsible for compliance with international laws and subject to all associated fees, taxes, tariffs, and legal penalties.

    Technology & Requirements

    MagicJack requires a minimum bandwidth upload speed of 128 kb/s. ...

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  • 01/25/16--22:50: Asterisk fax
  • Asterisk and fax calls

    Fax over IP

    Across the Internet even a G.711 codec fax transmission is unpredictable. An excellent discussion of why faxing and modems don't work well over VoIP can be found here. However, people often get perfectly good results on lightly loaded LANs. It still isn't perfect, as a burst of data on the LAN can still upset things, but some people get results they can live with.

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    This page contains information about international Asterisk sound files.


    As of October 2009, it is possible for new languages to be added to Asterisk if you or your company is willing to have the recordings made and then contribute them under the Creative Commons license. They will then appear in the menus of different languages which can be selected at build time. Find these instructions for details and procedures: Everyone who has submitted a language below is encouraged to re-package their sound files for addition. Questions can be sent to John Todd ( regarding language additions.

    • Use language= in a .conf file, or use the CHANNEL(language) function (1.4+) resp. the SetLanguage() application in extensions.conf

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  • 01/26/16--13:10: Cisco 7905/7912 IP Phones
  • Basic config

    The 7905/7912 series phones from Cisco use a different style of config files when configuring from TFTP. One composes the configuration file and then converts it to a binary format the phone can read. This conversion is done using the cfgfmt utility which you can find in the .zip file of your firmware image.

    The filenames of the config files are gkdefault.cnf for the default settings and gk<$mac_address> for the phone-specific configuration for the 7912. For the 7905, change "gk" to "ld".

    It is also possible to configure the phone from the LCD screen: for this, press the globe button, select settings, go to network or SIP settings and press **# to unlock the settings (if you don't do this, you won't be able to edit them).
    If your phone asks for a password, you might want to reset it to the factory defaults. The default password (for the 7912) is 1234.

    The administration guide can be found here.

    Firmware and other software can be found here if you have a Cisco CCO login. Otherwise you need to buy a service contract, $8-15 a year.

    Audio parameters

    The default SIP software load results in an odd fault: no receive audio on many calls except if you dial a digit after the call connects. This is due to silence suppression being on by default. This can be changed in the web configuration under Audio Parameters; be sure that AudioMode is set to 0x00000010 rather than 0x00000011.

    Note that the bits of the Audio Parameters also set the DTMF method used, as follows:

    Bit 0: G.711 silence suppression:



    Bits 1-3: Reserved.

    Bits 4-5: DTMF transmission method:

    –0=Always inband.

    –1=Negotiated via SDP.

    –2=Always out-of-band.

    Bits 6-31: Reserved.


    Choice of codec is set via the RxCodec and TxCodec parameters as follows:

    1 = G.711A-law

    2 = G.711u-law

    3 = G.729a

    Further details for some of the less obvious settings can be found at: on this Cisco Web page

    Upgrading the software

    Download the firmware package, copy the upgradecode line from the gkdefault.txt file in the package, paste it into your SIP config text file and run the cfgfmt program (cfgfmt.exe for Windows, cfgfmt.linux for Linux and dfgfmt.sun for Sun) to convert it to binary. Upload the firmware .sbin (or .zup with older 7905s) and the new gkdefault.cnf to your tftp server and reboot the phone.
    A shortcut to reboot / restart Cisco 7905G phones is **#**.

    Changing the logo

    It is also possible to change the logo on these phones, but a different approach is needed than with the 7940/60 series.
    First, one has to make a monochrome .bmp of 88 by 27 pixels and save this somewhere.
    Then you have to get the bmp2logo.exe program (included in firmware release zip files or separately downloadable at

    bmp2logo download

    syntax: bmp2logo.exe <imageid> <infile> <outfile>

    image id: a unique integer identifier for this image
    infile: the input .bmp file (make sure it's monochrome and not grayscale)
    outfile: the output Cisco logo file, any file extension will do

    example: bmp2logo.exe 10 newlogo.bmp newlogo.logo

    and then in your config txt file you have to add:

    So in this case, it would be:
    upgradelogo:10,0,newlogo. ...

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  • 01/26/16--13:35: Toll Free
  • To receive calls to USA and Canada TollFree numbers (800, 866, 877, 888, 855), you will need and Toll Free Number service provider.
    To send calls to USA and Canada TollFree numbers you can either send these calls to your usual long distance service provider (who may charge you by the minute) or send the calls to one of these free: Toll Free Termination Providers. If you have a large volume of calls to tollfree numbers, some Toll Free Termination Providers will pay you for the calls.

    Toll free phone number providers: (800, 866, 877, 888, 855)

    (In alphabetical order):
    • 1Pipe Telecom | OnePipe is a licensed carrier providing Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking in over 60 countries. We have regional network facilities on five continents connected across our private network. We provide Toll-Free numbers in 60 countries.
    • Alcazar Networks Inc is offering Wholesale VoIP Origination / Termination / Free Toll Free Termination - Get paid for your toll free traffic! Wholesale SIP
    • Anveo offers USA, Canadian and international Toll-Free phone numbers. Anveo provides web based Visual Call Flow Designer where you can easily create custom IVR Call Flow for your business. Anveo has many exceptional features including click to call, ringing multiple phones, call transfers to Skype or Gizmo5, conference calls, online FAX, voicemail, extensions, Business Control Panel to create and manage employee's sub accounts and more!
    • BinFone Telecom offers toll free service, delivered via SIP and IAX.
    • ComCanada CommunicationsCRTC Registered, Provider of Hosted PBX, DID service, Toll Free, equipment sales, consulting, and retail/wholesale origination & termination. Supported Protocols: SIP & IAX 1-877-697-VOIP
    • Conexiant Wholesale VoIP – direct connections to CLECs for best quality, inc. Level3.
      • Global Level 3 footprint Denver, LA, Hong Kong, China and Frankfurt, Germany
      • DIDs, Toll Free, E911 service, T.38,VoIP fax, quality termination and dedicated VoIP servers
      • DIDs per-channel or per-minute
    • DIDx.NET Buy Toll Free DID numbers at wholesale in more than 100+ countries and its cities from DIDx, The Wholesale DID Exchange Platform for DIDs.
    • Database Systems Corp.Toll Free Phone Services - IVR toll free services. Products include voice broadcasting, IVR systems, IVR software and IVR hosting services.

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  • 01/27/16--14:24: Predictive dialer
  • What Is A Predictive Dialer?

    • "A predictive dialer is a computerized system that automatically dials batches of telephone numbers for connection to agents assigned to sales or other campaigns. Predictive dialers are widely used in call centers." - Wikipedia

    "Definitions of Predictive dialer on the Web:

    • A predictive dialer is an outbound call processing system designed to maintain a high level of utilization and cost efficiency in the contact center. The dialer automatically calls a list of telephone numbers, screens the unnecessary calls such as answering machines and busy signals, and then connects a waiting representative with the customer.

    note: above text may be copyrighted by it's respective owners)

    A VOIP Predictive Dialer, a.k.a. soft predictive dialer, is a software product capable of predictive dialing using VOIP service directly. Besides computer and internet connection, there is no equipment needed in order to use VOIP predictive dialer.

    Software Only Predictive Dialer

    New predictive dialing technology, together with faster computers and bigger broadband bandwidth, enables software only predictive dialers to work as good as or even better than hardware based dialers. Software based solution avoids expensive telephony board and associated hardware maintenance cost. It is easy to install and configure. For example, it is very easy to setup remote agent (at home agent).


    • Avatar Dialler Avatar dialer, avatar dialer, call center software, call center dialer, contact center software, contact center dialer.Avatar Dialler is your ultimate choice for call center software. You can get complete solution of contact center dialer. Email us at for information.

    • NEOX Dial Centre outbound Service utilizes multiple Predictive, Preview, Progressive and Manual dialing options to manage pacing and compliance with regulations. Outbound Service operates a variety of campaign and list management strategies and ensures accurate voice, fax and answering machine detection. In addition, Outbound Service also provides Do Not Call List Management, Time Zone Management and Scheduled Callback. Email us at for information.

    • Incorpus TeleNetworks Incorpus TeleNetworks is a carrier providing all your VoIP needs. With higher quality routes and quality SLA and support certified with ISO Incorpus leads the industry with providing all your voip needs such as call center or dialer routes(USA flat, USA npanxx, Unlimited USA, UK, Australia and many more), DID, Tollfree, Softswitches, Website, Hosting and more. No agreement and easy payments and friendly customer portal. For more information email us at or contact us at skype :-

    • Vocalcom's Predictive Dialer increase contact ratios and give agents more time with live customers - Whether youre setting appointments, making sales calls, or collecting past due payments, Vocalcom's dialing software delivers productivity gains of up to 300%. Our dialer features the only no-pause dialing system in the industry, which results in significantly less hangups from your customers. ...

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    Consumers today have more choices than ever for high-speed internet services. Options range from DSL, cable, satellite, and more. Companies like Google are also working on new types of technologies to bring the internet to the masses, including even a balloon-type device that will provide internet to those in rural areas in the developing world. With all the options available, and new ones emerging, the market is becoming increasingly saturated. This can make it that much more confusing for new customers trying to decide what service is right for them. This is especially true when you take bundled television and phone services into consideration. helps customers find the best option and the best deals that match their high-speed internet needs. By comparing all the available options, is able to find the right company and the right choice for each and every customer. We can even find internet options that can be used with your current phone or television service. All you need to do is enter your zip code into the system to start a search.

    In order to simplify things for consumers, this article will give a brief rundown of some of the most popular high-speed internet options that are currently available, and will explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

    Cable Internet Service

    Cable internet is provided by cable companies, who also usually provide phone and television services. Cable internet works using a physical connection of coaxial or fiber-optic cables, forging a physical connection between the user and the company's closest location. Cable internet uses a cable modem, which can be purchased by a consumer or rented from the cable company.

    Internet service requires relatively minimal bandwidth, which makes combining it with television service fairly easy. This is part of the reason most cable companies offer bundles that include internet, television, and/or phone services. The connection for the internet employs the same cables as the phone and television services, making it easy to add internet service to existing phone or television service. It can be done very easily just by installing a modem, which can be done in mere minutes. Also, users don’t have to worry about the quality of connection being affected by their distance to the provider’s office.

    Cable internet is especially well-suited for those who do not share a cable channel with others. This is because in an area with numerous users, individuals may be faced with a decline in online speeds, and sometimes can run into trouble when streaming multiple videos or transferring large files. This happens because a given channel could be supporting many users and sharing the same bandwidth. However, it usually can be easily fixed by manually switching channels on your modem or router, or making a simple call to your internet provider. The tools offered by will help you determine if cable internet is right for you, and will also help you decide if you should bundle your internet service with television and phone services, or if it may be cheaper to purchase them separately.

    DSL Internet

    Another popular option for internet is DSL, which stands for Digital Subscriber Line. This is an internet connection that connects via an analog telephone line. DSL is usually cheaper than cable, and is especially popular in areas where cable internet may not be available. DSL gives users access to bandwidth that runs through the telephone line, on a frequency range that also allows telephone calls. DSL takes the extra bandwidth from the phone line and uses it to access the internet. Users first set up their computers to connect to a DSL modem in their home, which then connects to the internet service provider using the analog phone line. The internet service provider uses a DSLAM, or digital subscriber line access multiplexer, to enable internet access.

    Phone calls require very little bandwidth, so customers are able to use the internet and the phone at the same time through a DSL connection. DSLAM is different than cable as it isn’t affected by a potentially large user base logged in at the same time, allowing it to provide fast internet service to multiple DSL users in the same area. Essentially, while other services sometimes advertise faster connections, DSL could actually be quicker. It really depends on the area and the provider. One thing to keep in mind is that, potentially, the further away the DSL connection is from the internet provider’s office, the lower the quality of the internet connection. Customers should use and then inquire with their local providers, in addition to reading local customer reviews. ...

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  • 01/27/16--16:44: VOIP Service Providers
  • For a list of VOIP to PSTN service providers, indexed by country, please see:

    VoIP and VoIP Service Providers

    What is VoIP?

    VoIP (which stands for "voice over internet protocol" and is commonly referred to simply as an internet phone) is a highly cost effective and reliable way for businesses or even homeowners to make calls across the world or even just across town. The majority of major cable companies that offer bundled internet, television, and phone services already utilize this newer technology, but there are tons of other independent companies that specialize in providing this service to their customers at reasonable rates and with tons of extra features.

    More Than Just Computers

    When people think of VoIP, they generally think of computers due to the popularity of the numerous free communication services like FaceTime and Skype, but this is truly just one aspect of what VoIP can truly offer. It is true that VoIP technology transmits voice communication that's been converted into digital data across a packet-switched network or the internet (what this means, in essence, is that a user making phone calls over high speed internet lines rather than phone lines). With that in mind, users are not confined to only using it on a computer. VoIP technology can connect through the internet using traditional telephone equipment just like a regular line. The phone itself is connected to the internet using an adaptor that's plugged straight into a home or business's internet network. Most major services offer a softphone option as well, which allows the user to use their computer directly as a telephone service. ...

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    For VoIP to work correctly, you must have a strong and consistent Internet connection.

    The quality of VoIP calls depends on the speed of your internet connection. The faster your Internet connection is, the better your calls will sound.

    Our internet speed test is specially designed to test your system for VoIP phone calls. It checks your Internet connection's quality and speed and provides you with an easy-to-understand report afterward. You can also submit your test to a testing company to further diagnose any problems you may detect with your Internet connection.

    To start the test, you must click on the button on the test that says "Click to start test."

    If the test does not load, you may need to enable the Java plugin that our test uses.

    NOTE: You must have Java installed to run our speed test. If you do not have the latest Java installed, please visit Java's website to get the most up-to-date version. Please recommend our Internet speed test by clicking on the Google +1 button in the top right corner of the page. Thanks!


    See also

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  • 01/27/16--16:46: Internet Phone Providers
  • This page is about Internet phone providers. Internet phone is basically another term for VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Please list information about Internet phone providers below. You can list Internet phone service providers below as well in alphabetical order.

    Internet phone providers enable you to make calls just like you would with a traditional phone service, but instead of using a telephone connection, you use an Internet connection.

    List of Internet Phone Providers:

    See also:

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  • 01/27/16--16:46: Internet Phone
  • Internet phone, or internet phone service are essentially other terms used when talking about VoIP. Many people use Internet phone systems to make calls much cheaper than they would with a traditional phone. There is no noticeable difference using an Internet phone compared to a regular phone. For the most part, you dial out and receive calls the same way you would using a regular phone line, except that your voice data is carried via the Internet instead of traditional phone lines.

    Long distance calls are much cheaper via an Internet phone than a traditional phone as well. One can get Internet phone service installed in their home residence, or business.

    Every year, more and more homes and businesses switch to Internet phone service in order to cut costs. The quality of Internet phone service, or VoIP, is now indistinguishable from traditional phone service.

    See Also:

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    DLS Internet Services, a business VoIP provider user reviews

    See also

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  • 01/27/16--16:47: VOIP over Satellite
  • Ordinary VOIP over Satellite data services often do not work well because of the delay characteristics of satellite data transmission.

    There are a few providers that specialize in this market:

    • BusinessCom Internet via Satellite VoIP and VSAT services based on advanced iDirect platform and dedicated backbone channels (DVB-S2/SCPC) with appropriate QoS setup. Service is offered on a unique iLBCcodec which is used in Skype to achieve the best radio frequency media tolerance.
    • RockBochs, Inc. The leading provider of VoIP and Fax in the satellite industry. RockBochs offers the most cost-effective fax-over-satellite service in the world.
    • WiredSkies Efficient VoIP and 100% reliable faxing over satellite links using proprietary SkyWire convergence routers. Unique protocol combined with excellent compression using optimized speex codec results in only 5 to 8 kbps per call with units that provide up to 24 phone lines. Systems will work over even the worst satellite links including Hughes and Wildblue. Only provider to support fax over satellite and guarantee reliability. Phone numbers (DIDs) available in every US area code and in most countries. SkyWire routers also provide IPSEC and SSL VPNs as well as aggressive bandwidth optimization through techniques such as network level web caching, traffic shaping, and compression.
    • SunISP VOIP and Internet Satellite have converged to become VOIP over Satellite. Sun-ISP is a Satellite Internet and VOIP provider serving the global market. Satellite internet and VOIP or Satellite VOIP has riled much skepticism to quality due to packet loss. SunISP was founded with the goal in mind of replacing this skepticism with crystal clear VOIP over Satellite to many Satellite users. Hughes and VOIP over Satellite work perfectly because our system has been configured to run on only 16Kbps of bandwith unlike other providers. Starband and our VOIP Sattellite along with Wild Blue Satellite VOIP work perfectly as well with minimum latency or delay. VOIP over Satellite is the ultimate solution to rural communities as international countries with limited dedicated infrastructure. We are a friendly VOIP over Satellite as well as standard VOIP company who ensures that a welcoming voice will answer on the other end when dialing for Support.
    • OptiStreams Leader in VoIP efficient satellite networking solutions and services
    • Ground Control VOIP for Direcway or Galileo users
    • VoIP enabled satellite Internet services. Worldwide coverage
    • Skycasters VOIP for Directway users
    • SDN Global Satellite VoIP over dedicated international MPLS backbone with full QoS. Global redundant teleports utilize 7 satellites to cover 95% of populated world. BroadSat®, RecoverSat®, and JobSat® line available for Retail, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Distribution and Logistics, Health Care, Publishing, Financial, and Mining industries.
    • Speedway VOIP for iDirect and Linkstar users

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  • 01/27/16--16:48: Dedicated Internet Access
  • Dedicated Internet Access-

    Internet access refers to the means by which users connect to the Internet.

    Common methods of internet access include dial-up, landline, (over coaxial cable, fiber optic or copper wires), T- lines, Wi-Fi, satellite and cell phones.

    Public places to use the Internet include libraries and Internet cafes, where computers with Internet connections are available. Some libraries provide stations that provide facilities for hooking up public owned laptops to Local Are Networks LAN's. There are also wireless Internet access points in many public places like airport halls, in some cases just for brief use while standing. These Access points may provide coin operated computers or Wi-Fi hot spots* that enable specially equipped laptops to pick up internet service signals. Various terms are used, such as "public Internet kiosk", "public access terminal", and "Web payphone". Many hotels now also have public terminals, though these are usually fee based.

    Wi-Fi provides wireless access to computer networks, and therefore can do so to the Internet itself. Hotspots providing such access include Wi-Fi-cafes, where a would-be user needs to bring their own wireless-enabled devices such as a laptop or PDA. These services may be free to all, free to customers only, or fee-based. A hotspot need not be limited to a confined location. The whole campus or park, or even the entire city can be enabled. Grassroots efforts have led to wireless community networks.
    Apart from Wi-Fi, there have been experiments with proprietary mobile wireless networks like Richochet, various high-speed data services over cellular or mobile phone networks, and fixed wireless services. These services have not enjoyed widespread success due to their high cost of deployment, which is passed on to users in high usage fees. New wireless technologies such as WiMAX have the potential to alleviate these concerns and enable simple and cost effective deployment of metropolitan area networks covering large, urban areas. There is a growing trend towards wireless mesh networks, which offer a decentralized and redundant infrastructure and are often considered the future of the Internet.

    Broadband access over power lines was approved in 2004 in the United States in the face of stiff resistance from the amateur radio community. The problem with modulating a carrier signal below 100 MHz onto power lines is that an above-ground power line can act as a giant antenna and jam long-distance radio frequencies used by amateurs, seafarers and others. A recent discovery, called "E-Line" allows propagating much higher frequency carriers, from 100 MHz through at least 10 GHz, onto a single conductor of a power line and offers the possibility of very high speed fixed and mobile information services at very low cost without the problems associated with the lower frequency signals.

    List of Internet Service Providers

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  • 01/27/16--16:48: Internet to Phone
  • VoIP allows you to use your internet connection to make and receive phone calls.

    See also:

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  • 01/28/16--05:08: VoIP Termination
  • Please add information to this page about VoIP call termination.

    What is VoIP Termination?

    VoIP call termination is used to refer to the procedures that are used for routing telephone calls from one provider to the next provider until the call has been routed to the last telephone company and has been received by the recipient. Voice termination is another term that is used for call termination. The telephone companies are also referred to as providers or carriers.

    Called Party

    The called party is the person who has received the telephone call. The end point of the route may be on the Internet or may be at a point that was reached by routing the call through the public switched telephone network. The procedures for routing the call stop when the call has been received by the recipient. The process may seem simple to individuals who do not experience problems with making telephone calls but is not so simple to individuals who make calls that will not connect such as calls to a different country.

    Calling Party

    The calling party is the person who has initiated the call and who wants to be connected to the called party. There may be problems with the telephone calls that begin on the Internet and end at a cellular phone. The sound of the voices may seem to be amplified with echoes and have a scratchy quality. The calls that are initiated with Google Voice may never connect or could be delayed.


    Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is a term that is used to describe a call that was initiated on the Internet such as Skype calls or calls made with Google Voice. The calls that were initiated on the Internet usually end at a point that is not on the Internet. Most of the recipients of telephone calls receive the calls with a landline phone or with a cellular phone. The route may begin on the Internet but will end at a point that was reached by routing the call from the public switched telephone network (PSTN), which is the common description for call termination.

    Internet Networks

    A tier-one operator is licensed and registered to operate an Internet protocol (IP) network for Internet telephony services. Tier-one operators can handle call origination and call termination. A tier-two operator can lease services from a tier-one operator. The tier-three operators can lease services from either a tier-one or two-two operator. There are also resellers of VoIP services and wholesalers in the market. The quality of the services is not very high because of the inconsistencies in the market such as fluctuations with demand, fraud and problems with doing business on an international level.

    Call Origination

    Call origination is used to refer to telephone calls that originate from the public switched telephone network and end the route on the Internet. Call termination is considered to be the opposite of call origination because the direction of the paths are reversed. The terms are associated with the starting point of the calls, path of the route of the calls and termination point of the calls. The operators of IP telephony services can handle calls that originate or terminate on the Internet.


    The fees for services are subject to the regulations of several countries because the routes of the calls will cross over more than one country. Those countries can use legislation to control the fees for the services. Termination rates are usually very high for the countries in the Middle East and Asia. The rates are intentional high because there are more incoming calls than outgoing calls from the countries, which is caused by the diaspora effect of a migrating population.

    VoIP Termination Providers

    Please list VoIP Termination providers here in alphabetical order.

    Incorpus TeleNetworks Incorpus TeleNetworks is a carrier providing all your VoIP needs. With higher quality routes and quality SLA and support certified with ISO Incorpus leads the industry with providing all your voip needs such as call center or dialer routes(USA flat, USA npanxx, Unlimited USA, UK, Australia and many more), DID, Tollfree, Softswitches, Website, Hosting and more. No agreement and easy payments and friendly customer portal. For more information email us at or contact us at skype :- incorpus. ...

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