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  • 01/05/17--09:06: VOIP GSM Gateways
  • What's a VoIP GSM Gateway?

    A VoIP GSM Gateway enables direct routing between IP, digital, analog and GSM networks. With these devices (fixed cellular terminals) companies can significantly reduce the money they spend on telephony, especially the money they spend on calls from IP to GSM. The core idea behind cost saving with VoIP GSM Gateways is Least Cost Routing (LCR).

    Through least cost routing the gateways select the most cost-effective telephone connection. They check the number which is dialed as well as rate information which is stored in an internal routing table. Because several SIM cards and GSM modules are integrated within the VOIP GSM Gateway it is able to make relatively cheaper GSM to GSM calls instead of expensive IP to GSM calls.

    Who offers VoIP GSM Gateways?

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  • 01/06/17--03:48: softswitch
  • Softswitch is a central device in a telecommunications network which connects telephone calls from one phone line to another, across a telecommunication network or the public Internet, entirely by means of software running on a general-purpose system. Most landline calls are routed by purpose-built electronic hardware however, soft switches using general purpose servers and VoIP technology are becoming more popular.
    Nowadays, many telecommunications networks make use of combinations of softswitches and more traditional purpose-built hardware.

    A softswitch is also a VoIP server, providing a soft switch platform with full IP PBX call features. The most difference from IP PBX is its enormous numbers of users.

    Typical application networking diagram

    Typical softswitch application.jpg

    See also

    Softswitch Manufacturers and Providers

    Vox Switch
    Vox Switch is carrier grade softswitch platform from Voxvalley Technologies that is soon becoming a favorite choice for service providers and carriers across the globe. Vox Switch facilitates service providers to carry out routing, billing, reporting & monitoring of their VoIP services.
    Vox Switch platform is flexible to allow hassle free migration from other softswitches without any data loss.
    Get a Vox Switch Free Quote

    Vox Switch includes numerous advanced features
    ● Multi-level reseller user management.
    ● Multi-branding support.
    ● DID Management.
    ● Tariff plan, Balance, Payment and Voucher management.
    ● Advanced Routing.
    ● Invoicing & Billing.
    ● Real-time Reporting.
    ● IVR Routing.
    Get a Vox Switch Free Quote


    iTel Switch
    iTel Switch is a single Softswitch platform for global Retail, Wholesale, Calling card & Call shop business. Being a highly customizable and scalable VoIP Softswitch with integrated billing, it serves as an ideal platform for all the VoIP service providers who want to provide a wide range of VoIP services.

    Get a iTel Switch Free Demo:

    Key Features

    ● Rate Plan Management
    ● Flexible & Advanced Routing
    ● Live Call Monitoring
    ● Multilayer Security
    ● Analysis & Reporting
    ● Behavioral Based Alarm System
    ● Call Simulator for Route Checking
    ● Client Management
    ● DID Management
    ● Payment Management

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  • 01/06/17--07:31: VoIP Providers USA
  • This is a list of VoIP providers in the USA. These companies typically support multi-line telephone systems, small PBX gateways and hosted VoIP. Please add VoIP Providers USA to the list below.

    VoIP Providers in the USA

    • Axis-VoIP by AxisInternet AxisInternet is a Denver based residential and business VoIP phone system provider. We provide service throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. We have a state of the art hosted PBX system with user friendly, mobile friendly user portal and the best feature set found in any of today's IP PBX systems!

    • .e4 SIP/PBX/API/SMS - .e4's hosted PBX and SIP products lead the way. Check us out for a 1 month trial.

    • ALTOTELECOMCall Center VoIP provider - AltoTelecom is VoIP company that provides SIP Trunking services for Call Centers, hotels, small and large business using a PBX or an Asterisk based predictive dialer such as Vicidial or Goautodial for telemarketing sales, wholesale rates to USA, Canada and UK CHAT Support Available

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  • 01/06/17--07:33: VoIP Providers Canada
  • This is a list of VoIP providers in Canada. These companies typically support multi-line telephone systems, small PBX gateways and hosted VoIP. Please add VoIP Providers Canada to the list below.

    Business VoIP Providers in Canada

    • ALTOTELECOM VoIP provider for business and Call Centers - AltoTelecom is VoIP company that provides SIP Trunking services for Call Centers, hotels, small and large business using a PBX or an Asterisk based predictive dialer such as Vicidial or Goautodial for telemarketing sales, rates under 1 cent per minute to USA, Canada and UK.
    • FiberConX100% Canadian owned/operated. Providing premium hosted business phone services,including: Phones, SIP Lines/trunks, Conference calling
    • REVE Systems is a Singapore based company that provides VoIP & IP Communication solutions for Mobile VoIP, SIP Softswitch, VoIP Billing, Bandwidth Optimization, WebRTC, MVNO and Mobile OTT. A RED Herring’s 2012 Top 100 Global Winner, REVE serves more than 3000 VoIP and telecommunication service providers in over 78 countries.
      • VoiceMeUp Largest Coverage for Canadian DIDs for business usage. Channel agregation available. Wholesale and Affiliates program. T.38 Supported In/Out. Supports SMS, Smart Caller ID. User accessible interface.

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  • 01/06/17--07:36: How to start a VOIP Business
  • The first thing to do is decide what part of VOIP marketplace you want to serve. Here are some possibilities:

    • VOIP Provider services
    • VOIP consulting
    • Independent Sales/Service Agent for existing VOIP service providers
    • Value Added services with VoIP
    • etc.

    Some general suggestions:

    • Pick an area that plays to your strengths. For example, if your strength is sales and marketing, pick an area where you can leverage those abilities
    • Learn all you can about the maketplace
    • Attend industry tradeshows
    • Read industry magazines, blogs, forums, etc
    • Read books
    • Do market research - talk to your potential customers
    • Ask questions
    • Test the waters — to the extent possible try before you buy, test the waters before making large commitments of time or money

    Value Added services

    If you have experience with VoIP or already in VoIP business, you can get benefit / new customers by introducing some value added services on VoIP. Few value added services are mentioned in following, Within each service there are many choices.
    • PBX sales and service
      • Hosted PBX
      • Virtual Numbers
      • Hosted IVR / Auto attendants
      • etc

    • Message broadcasting / Call Center Solutions

    • Prepaid Cards
      • Retail prepaid cards from existing wholesale providers
      • Start your own brand of prepaid cards using services from existing wholesale providers
      • Start a new prepaid card provider company
      • Create new software package for prepaid card services
      • Create a Free Phone Booth
      • etc.

    An easy way to Start VoIP Business without a phone system.

    DIDForSale opens up its VoIP platform that can be controlled by programming from any web server and any programming language. Check out the Developer Corner to learn more.

    Sample business ideas:

    • Build a call tracking system.
    • Build 2 Factor Authentication system with Voice and SMS APIs.
    • Start your own grasshopper kind of business phone service.
    • And lot more. Sky is the limit! With the programing language of your choice you get the complete control of the dial plan and call routing.

    Here is big Picture


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  • 01/06/17--10:12: Telebroad Reviews
  • Telebroad is a top industry leader in PBX phone systems. Their mission is to provide their customers with flexible and affordable service that includes feature-rich communication tools that satisfy their businesses demands. The three founders of Telebroad designed their company with one mission in mind: revolutionize business communication by providing their clients with the most reliable and flexible method of communication at a fraction of the cost. Since 2005 Telebroad has been providing this service successfully to businesses all over the nation.

    What Industries has Telebroad Served?

    Telebroad has a seasoned client base throughout the different industries that require high quality phone service. Some of these industries include B2B, non profit organizations, retail, healthcare facilities, legal institutions, real estate and many more. With their foot in most industries, Telebroad understands the needs that different types of businesses have, and works to eliminate the issues of communications through their phone service.

    Advantages of a PBX Phone System service from Telebroad

    Important overall advantages of choosing PBX Phone System service from Telebroad for your business include the following:

    • Telebroad prides themselves on being available to their clients, and providing exceptional service. Many businesses praise Telebroad for their customer satisfaction skills with a proclaimed, "Second to none!".
    • With Telebroad there are no hidden fees, fine print, no restrictions, no exta costs. What you see is what you are getting. With that level of transparency you know exactly what you sign up for.

    PBX Phone System Service Plans Available for Business

    Telebroad's PBX Phone System can be specifically structured to meet the needs of small companies (of less than 50 users) and mid-sized enterprises (of 50 to 500 users). Comprehensive phone service plans available for clients from Telebroad include the following:

    Starter - Starting at $129.95 per month, the Starter plan offers one doorphone, three employee extensions, and multiple phone features that include: automatic auto attendant, voicemail to email, three way calling, and eFax. This plan is ideal for you when you are starting out and need the basics. Telebroad can fulfill your starter needs with this excellent plan.

    Small Office - Looking to hook up your small office with the a strong and reliable phone system? This is the plan for you! With one executive extension, seven employee extensions, one conference room extension and one doorphone, this plan gives you the tools to set up with small office for success. Don't forget about the awesome features that include Direct Dial numbers for executives, call monitoring, call recording and much more. At only $339.95 per month Telebroad can help you satisfy your small office phone system demands while providing excellent customer service so that you never feel alone.

    Mid-Sized Office - Taking the next step in supporting your mid-sized office's phone needs can be stressful, but with Telebroad you can rest assured that you will be providing your office with a reliable phone system and minimal worry. This plan offers twenty extensions for only $799.95 per month. At that price you get two executive extensions, twenty employee extensions, one conference room extension, one doorphone, and one storage room/kitchen extension. Additional features include: dedicated fax line, PLUS conference line up to 15 callers, extension dialing and much more!

    • Telebroad understands that every businesses needs are unique to their structure and operations. They offer a "Quote Me" option so that you can fit your package uniquely to your office's needs.

    See also

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  • 01/07/17--03:27: IP PBX
  • IP PBX is a phone system that utilizes IP communications. Traditionally IP PBX's are located on site where they can also interface to traditional telco services such as analogue phone lines. The business end users connect via IP to the IP PBX for voice service.

    What is an IP PBX?

    An IP PBX can be referred to as a lot of things: a business phone system, a unified communication system, or simply as a "PBX." These are a lot of different names but ultimately all mean the same thing. ...

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  • 01/08/17--15:37:
  • Welcome to the VOIP Wiki - a reference guide to all things VOIP.

    This Wiki covers everything related to VOIP, software, hardware, VoIP service providers, reviews, configurations, standards, tips and tricks and everything else related to voice over IP networks, IP telephony and Internet Telephony.

    Your contributions are welcome, please read the How to add information to this wiki page and the Posting Guidelinesbefore you post.


    News Resources

    Getting Started

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  • 01/08/17--15:38: Old News
  • This page lists all the old VoIP news stories from the home page.

    December 2016

    November 2016

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  • 01/09/17--07:48: Fonality Reviews
  • Fonality - An Exceptional Provider

    More than 30,000 business owners and IT pros already know about Fonality's flexible and reliable business VoIP service and phone systems. According to experts, Fonality is an exceptional VoIP and IP Communications product and service that helps more than 10,000 users place over more than 20 million calls.

    Fonality’s business VoIP service and phone systems come bundled with their powerful combination of unified communications software, that’ll help you sell, service, and collaborate with ease. Only Fonality can give you and your team the same exceptional experience whether you decide to choose pure cloud or the hybrid hosted on-premises phone systems.

    Plans and Pricing

    With an array of deployment options, cheap features, and easy set-up, Fonality offers customers three basic business phone plans and business VoIP equipment. All of the business phone services include unlimited VoIP and desktop phone options.


    Essentials is the cheapest plan offered at $19.99 per user per month.
    Some of these features include:
    -Unlimited calling to anywhere in the USA, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands and the UK.
    - 24/7 Gold support
    -Unlimited Basic Queues
    - Auto attendant
    - Fonality Academy Training


    Take it to the next level with the professional plan available at $24.99 per user per month. This plan includes everything in the Essentials plan and also includes:
    -Heads Up Display (HUD Wed)
    - HUD Mobile App
    - Click to Dial Browser Extension
    -Helpful Integrations (connect tools you use)
    -Audio conferencing
    -On-Demand Recording
    -Daily Email Reports


    The Ultimate plan is a very all inclusive plan that includes all the features of Professional, and also includes:
    -Voicemail Transcription
    -HD Video Collaboration
    -Advanced Call Center Agent License

    Awards and Recognition

    Everyone is raving about Fonality and its outstanding product and service. Fonality has earned TMC's Annual Internet Telephony Product of the year award for their exceptional VoIP and IP Communications products and services during the years of 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016. In addition, Fonality also won the TMC's annual Contact Center Technology Award for 2015 and 2016. This award is given to companies that have demonstrated exceptional customer service through technology.

    From small businesses to enterprises, Fonality is a trusted and reliable name that will ensure top quality performance for your company.

    See also

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  • 01/09/17--11:45: GSM
  • GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. It is the dominant mobile phone communication protocol in Europe and also popular elsewhere. The name is also used to describe some of the voice codecs used in the GSM standards.

    This page regards connecting an IP-based phone system directly to the GSM cellular network in addition to connecting a VoIP PBX to the GSM network & PSTN; all-in-one-box. For more information about the codec, see the GSM codec page. You can compare GSM cell phone plans using Wirefly.


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  • 01/09/17--11:45: Cellular Networks
  • There are several cellular networks across the globe that work to make cell phone service work. They are:

    3G UMTS

    Consumers and businesses looking to compare cell phone plans can do so using the tools provided by MyRatePlan or Wirefly.

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  • 01/09/17--13:05: RingRoost
  • ringroost_logo_150.png

    RingRoost is a hosted PBX from the team of developers at Woodstitch, we provide services across the globe to VoIP industry professionals. See the below links for more resources and further below that if you want to read our “Plug”.

    Our Services
    We offers all the standard features that the industry has come to expect in their PBX providers: Auto Attendants, Call Filtering, Forwarding, Call Queues, Voicemail, CRD’s, Call Recording, SIP Registration, DID’s, E911, Cname Lookup, SMS, Call Transfers etc….. On Top of all the basic features we offer a number of additional features/tools that will be hard to find with any other hosted PBX.

    These feature include:
    1. Drag and Drop PBX builder.
    2. Ability to add your own outbound SIP trunk.
    3. Conferencing (MeetMe style)
    4. SMS (Inbound + Outbound)
    5. Adding your own own DID number (Inbound SIP trunking)
    6. HTTP interconnection during calls (So you can integrate with any other system).
    7. Call variables - set variables in your call path that can be used to make decisions, interconnect with other system, even pull variables from other system to you call flow.
    8. Click to call integration (let website visitors call your phone in their browser)
    9. Customized IVR’s. Using the call variables feature you can easily custom your IVR’s for your customers. ex IVR might say: “Hello John Doe, thanks for calling. The phone number you calling from matches our records, please press 1 to access your account info etc….”

    One of the biggest advantages of using RingRoost rather than spinning up your own FreePBX or Asterisk PBX is our robust & global infrastructure. RingRoost leverages a global network of servers (Currently 4, but we are expanding fast). We also leverage geo DNS resolution, so SIP clients and trunks can establish a SIP/RTP connection with the RingRoost server closest to them, cutting down substantially on call latency. This is particularly handy for companies making & receiving calls from other countries.

    We offer simple and straightforward monthly pricing packages (no long term commitments). You can find our pricing here . ...

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    This guide will walk you through the step by step process of how to setup up a VoIP phone (SIP phone) on RingRoost. By the end of this guide you will be able to make and receive calls on your phone. This process is generally called “Registering your SIP phone”. This process should not take more than 15 minutes from start to finish, in case your feeling overwhelmed here is a video that show how simple it is: Registering a SIP Phone

    "Note: The process for registering a sip phone is the same no matter what carrier you use, so this guide will apply even if you choose not to use RingRoost as your provider. "

    The only thing you need before you start this guide is a SIP capable hard phone, I would recommend the GXP1400 . It’s a very simple, inexpensive, easy to setup, and quality VoIP phone.

    Note: If you are itching to get started and don’t have a hard phone, you can always use a softphone (a phone on your computer). Checkout Zoiper for a free softphone.

    Step 1 - Obtaining a phone number
    The process of obtaining a phone number will differ depending on your carrier if you are using RingRoost as your carrier you will need to create an account, then go the the “numbers” area and either buy a number or register a number you currently own.

    Note: You only need a phone number if you want to receive calls from the PSTN. If you are actually going to use the phone, then you almost certainly want a 10 digit phone number.

    Step 2. Getting a SIP username, password and host.
    These are really the only 3 things you need from a VoIP carrier in order to start making calls, If you are using RingRoost you will need to drag and drop a “SIP Phone” Control onto your PBX builder. Your unique username, password and host will show up in the SIP Control element. It should look like this:


    Step 3. Registering your SIP Phone
    a. Set up your hard phone (plug in to power and ethernet).

    b. Most VoIP phone have a web interface for changing phone settings that you can access right from your local network (I think this is so cool). To access the phones settings interface locate the IP address of your hard phone. (On the GXP1400, just hit NextScreen 3 times and it will show you the devices IP).

    c. Type the IP address of your phone into your computer browser (hopefully chrome), and as long as you are on the same network as you VoIP phone you should see a login panel. You will have to enter a password, which you can find in your VoIP phone manual (or a quick gogole search). For the GXP1400 the default password “admin”.

    d. Under the “Accounts” tab go to “General Settings” and enter you sip name, password, and host in the appropriate fields as shown below:

    c. Save your settings then reboot your VoIP phone. After logging in again you should see a green bar under Registration status that says “Yes”. At this point pick up your phone and dial any number and you will be connected.

    Step 4 - Receiving calls
    To receive calls on your VoIP phone you will need to drag and drop a “Answer Call” control onto your PBX builder and then connect it to your “SIP Phone” control as shown below.

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  • 01/09/17--13:13: Hosted PBX
  • What is Hosted PBX?

    Unlike a traditional PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, which requires a large investment and ongoing maintenance and training, a hosted PBX is a cloud-based PBX system accessible via an IP network. Rather than being responsible for hardware, software, training, maintenance, and more, a hosted PBX provider takes care of it all. In addition to being completely managed off-site, resulting in no IT or installation costs, a hosted PBX system also provides businesses with the ability to manage their phone systems via a user-friendly control panel. For these reasons and more, hosted PBX systems are becoming increasingly popular solutions for today’s growing small to medium-sized business owners.

    Features and Benefits of Hosted PBX

    If you own a business with fewer than 300 lines, hosted PBX can provide you with a multitude of features and benefits. For starters, a hosted PBX system is much less expensive than a traditional on-site system. With hosted PBX, there is no need to buy expensive hardware and software, pay for installation, and manage the system. You simply pay a monthly fee and enjoy all of the benefits of the service.

    While less costly than standard on-site PBX systems, hosted PBX solutions are teeming with valuable features, such as on-hold music, call waiting, call routing, transfers, and more. Moreover, as the popularity of hosted PBX continues to grow, additional features like auto attendants, extension dialing, and ACD queues are being introduced.

    A hosted PBX can also be deployed immediately. In fact, most business owners are able to have their hosted PBX setup and running in under a day. Best of all, newer and more flexible hosted PBX applications are being deployed as well. Adding these applications and features can typically be done with a simple download or click of the mouse.

    The ability to add new features as they roll out is just one example of the scalability of hosted PBX. Additional lines, phones, and even an entire new department can effortlessly be added, which would be much more complex with a traditional on-site PBX.

    When you opt for a hosted PBX and outsource all the techie stuff, you will find your stress levels lowering as well. With a hosted PBX, a mountain of responsibility will be taken off your shoulders, allowing you to focus your attention on more important matters, like improving your bottom line.

    Hosted PBX Tips and Considerations

    Hosted PBX systems are incredibly easy to setup and utilize, but there are a few things you need to do when opting for one of these modern business phone solutions, such as:

    • Make Phone Number Arrangements – A temporary phone number is necessary for the porting process, but if you already have an existing number to port over, you must remain with your current provider until the number is ported to your new PBX provider. If you are getting a new number, it’s important to update others and let them know of the change through an email blast or similar means. While brief, all calls can be conveniently routed to cell phones during the transition period. Just remember, if you cancel your service with your previous carrier prior to porting your number, the number will no longer be yours to keep.
    • Arrange Your Dial Plan – When switching over to a hosted PBX, organizing the routing of your calls is one of the first things that must be done. In order to do so, you’ll need to define various rules for your calls, including:
      • The buttons used to activate voicemail and other features
      • The hours of operation for your desk phones
      • Setting up your directory
      • The handling of faxes
      • Sequential and simultaneous ringing
      • How off-hour calls are handled
      • Configure your emergency 911 settings

    Review Your Bill

    As you can see, setting up a hosted PBX is remarkably easy. However, after doing so, you should review the bills for the first and second month to ensure you’re receiving and utilizing all of the services you’re paying for. Depending on which company you choose as your hosted PBX provider, the first month’s bill may or may not reflect activation fees, setup fees, and number porting fees. The second month’s bill should be a typical bill without added charges for the setup process. By this point, you'll be well on your way to enjoying one of the most streamlined and hassle-free business phone systems available for small and medium-sized business owners. ...

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    Business VoIP Providers - Compare and Choose a Business VoIP Provider

    Quality business VoIP providers today offer a wide variety of feature packages, services and prices. Selecting the ideal provider and service options will depend on your type and size of business, features needed and projected volume of usage. Even when working with top-tier providers, your basic monthly service charges per line may begin at rates as low as $20. Before choosing your VoIP provider, it is essential to first determine your company's precise telecommunications needs to enable timely and cost-efficient initiation of your service. By consulting your chosen Voice over IP service team and seeking their expert advice in advance, you can be prepared to take the following steps to facilitate the smooth, productive startup of your services:

    • Evaluate Your Internet Connection. - Determine the strength and capacity of your Internet connection and bandwidth. You need to ensure that your system has adequate speed to best accommodate your new VoIP installation for top quality service.
    • Assess Your Company Budget and Needs. - With knowledge of your company's current budget and VoIP needs, you can more easily select the service provider and feature options that meet your requirements.
    • Determine Your Equipment Needs. - Evaluate your current and near future VoIP equipment needs. Phones can be purchased from around $50 to $500 or more. Once you decide which feature options are immediate requirements and which ones can be added later as needed, you are ready to choose your service provider.
    • Compare VoIP Providers. - By comparing VoIP company service options, advanced features and equipment along with user and industry reviews, you can best make a wise decision, selecting the ideal VoIP provider for your enterprise.

    Important Information to Request from Any Potential VoIP Provider

    Before signing a service contract with any business VoIP provider, be sure to request basic service information and practices in writing. You need to be certain of such details as startup costs and monthly fees, any limitations and costs on portable phone numbers and exactly which features are included in the service package you select. You also need to know if international calling is included, charges for adding extra features and the extent of customer care and technical services provided. Also important are such issues as whether your provider offers a money back guarantee and if there are any cancellation fees. It is also helpful to determine prior to signing up for VoIP services if there are any hidden fees assessed by your chosen provider.

    Take Full Control and Advantage of Your VoIP System

    Once your new business VoIP system and service are in place, you and your staff members will have full-control capabilities for use of your business communications system. Your service provider will ensure connection with your online portal for customizing your telecomm options. These modern digital portals are user-friendly, enabling feature changes and additions to be made for immediate availability. You and your staff can make decisions and changes in real-time that work for you right in the moment.

    You can manage your call settings remotely, directing calls to voicemail or having them transferred to another number or extension. You can also make exceptions to any chosen setting in your phone system. For example, if you are expecting an important business call and want to take that call, but hold all other calls for a few hours, you can set your phone to direct only the designated call to ring on your extension. This system allows and encourages you to take complete control of your telecommunications systems and settings so that the service works for your best interests and immediate needs at all times.

    Major Business Benefits and Advantages of Installing VoIP

    With an excellent quality VoIP system installed and running well in your company offices to provide remote access for you and your employees, you can work much more efficiently, achieving more in less time. You will enjoy the many benefits of knowing that you can leave the responsibility of your advanced office telecommunications system operations to your VoIP provider while you handle other important business matters. Other major benefits and advantages of your new business VoIP system enable you to accomplish the following:

    • Schedule Your Own Business Hours. ...

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  • 01/10/17--08:42: VoIP Providers Canada
  • This is a list of VoIP providers in Canada. These companies typically support multi-line telephone systems, small PBX gateways and hosted VoIP. Please add VoIP Providers Canada to the list below.

    Business VoIP Providers in Canada

    • Slingshot Business VoIP Phone System. 100% Canadian Owned and Operated VoIP Provider based in Toronto. Virtuall Office and Business VoIP Solutions, Simplified. Get started for free. Plans start at $9/month which includes 2 phone numbers and 5 extensions.
    • ALTOTELECOM VoIP provider for business and Call Centers - AltoTelecom is VoIP company that provides SIP Trunking services for Call Centers, hotels, small and large business using a PBX or an Asterisk based predictive dialer such as Vicidial or Goautodial for telemarketing sales, rates under 1 cent per minute to USA, Canada and UK.
    • FiberConX100% Canadian owned/operated. Providing premium hosted business phone services,including: Phones, SIP Lines/trunks, Conference calling
    • Cebod Telecom VoIP provider for business and Call Centers – AltoTelecom’s flexible and comprehensive features cost-effectively improve both the quality and efficiency of every customer interaction. It is VoIP company that provides SIP Trunking services for Call Centers, hotels, small and large enterprises using a PBX or an Asterisk based predictive dialer such as Vicidial or Goautodial for telemarketing sales, rates under 1 cent per minute to USA, Canada and UK.
    • DIDforSale ,providers offers a comprehensive performance management application for SIP Trunking deployments that includes DID Number, toll free services, Local Phone Number, PBX, SIP trunk allowing enterprises to analyze service delivery across national and international. No need to invest in expensive hardware and software, fully managed and scalable system
    • REVE Systems is a Singapore based company that provides VoIP & IP Communication solutions for Mobile VoIP, SIP Softswitch, VoIP Billing, Bandwidth Optimization,

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  • 01/10/17--14:06: SIP Trunk Providers India
  • This page is a list of SIP trunk providers in India. Please keep this list in alphabetical order. India SIP providers looking to add their services can do so in the list below.

    AltoTelecom is a VoIP provider that offers SIP Trunking services for Call Centers, hotels, small and large business using a PBX or a virtual call center running an Asterisk voip based predictive dialer such as Vicidial or Goautodial for telemarketing sales, voip rates under 1 cent per minute to USA, Canada and UK www.altotelecom.comVoIP India Online Chat Support

    1Pipe Telecom | OnePipe is a licensed carrier providing Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking in over 60 countries. We have regional network facilities on five continents connected across our private network.
    • Actual licensed operator
    • Branded customer portals
    • Multiple geographic locations on one Hosted PBX
    • Coverage in over 60 countries
    • Unlimited inbound on each channel
    • Great for inbound call centers
    • Call Center and Dialer options available

    • ALMOSTFREECALLS.NET - Almostfreecalls is one of the leading VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Service Provider specialising in Internet Telephony Solutions for businesses, VoIP reseller programs and VoIP carrier services across varied areas of expertise.

    • Incorpus TeleNetworks Your one stop solution to all voip needs, Call termination, resellers, DIDs, Softswitches, Tollfree, residentail voip, Call center voip.
    Contact our executive today for more details visit our site and have a live chat or mail us at

    • AVOXI AVOXI Virtual Call Center Solutions - VoIP Service Provider, provide virtual call center products like SIP trunking and VoIP gateway solutions, with international toll-free numbers. Contact Number 1-800-462-8694.

    • CallForwarding - Be present anywhere in the world with toll free forwarding services from Contact Number: 800-231-9802

    • i7 Solutions - VOIP Wholesale and Retail i7 Solutions is looking for VoIP Resellers in markets all around the world. We provide the Dialers and Rates your customers want, and the tools for you to control all aspects of your business. i7 Solutions is a one of the very few global VoIP solution providers with direct contracts with local incumbent telecommunications operations across the globe. Our primary business includes A2Z termination services, retails & reseller solutions for VoIP services and also providing calling cards. India TATA CLI is our premium route. ...

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  • Welcome to the VOIP Wiki - a reference guide to all things VOIP.

    This Wiki covers everything related to VOIP, software, hardware, VoIP service providers, reviews, configurations, standards, tips and tricks and everything else related to voice over IP networks, IP telephony and Internet Telephony.

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    News Resources

    Getting Started

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    ICTBroadcast is a web based smart predictive autodialer software with multi tenant Voice , SMS & Fax broadcasting capabilities, Multilingual Support , works with multiple type of Gateways including re-known open source Asterisk, Freeswitch and Kannel , ICT Broadcast can be scaled to blast thousands of simultaneous calls using either VoIP using SIP / IAX, FOIP using T.38 / G.711 or PSTN. It is simple,multilingual support, reliable and user friendly web portal.

    ICTBroadcast play recorded message to list of telephone number and redirect intersted clients to live agents for further assistant

    ICT Broadcast platform support following type of campaigns

    Simple Voice Broadcasting
    Voice Broadcasting with Live agents support
    Interactive Voice Broadcasting / Press key type voice broadcasting
    Survey / Polls
    Inbound IVR campaigns
    Email Marketing
    Custom Designed IVR campaigns
    SMS Messaging
    Fax Blasting

    New features added on december 2016

    CentOs 7 and Asterisk 13 support added
    Responsive theme added in ICTBroadcast
    Fail 2 ban support added for asterisk and ssh
    inbound ivr campaign support (inbound cost need to increase to USD 600)
    Conditinal survey support added plus no. of question in survey increased
    Option to download recordings
    DNC support added for Email campaigns via unsubscribe link (token)
    Backup management interface added
    Interface created for AMD configurations
    Interface created for system logs
    Campaign results to csv export support added

    Fore more information, please visit

    ICT Broadcast Website

    ICTBroadcast Trial version availale Download

    For more information please visit ICT Innovations web site

    ICTBroadcast is developed by ICT Innovations

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