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    The following consultants provide remote Asterisk services to customers worldwide. They may also provide onsite services; see the onsite page for details.

    Add your entry here (Alphabetical order by company):

    AAA+ Rated Freevoice. dCAP Certified since 2005.

    Freevoice can assist in Asterisk based call center applications . Remote support to anywhere in the world Call 24/7 to 800-834-8999 to consult on your project.

    Asterisk Consultancy and Support

    OUR Solution as:
    IVR Development
    Contact Center Solution
    CMS and CRM Integration
    Calling Card System
    Digium Card Integration
    ANALOG Phone recorder
    PRI Voice Logger
    Remote Server administration & management
    24/7 Helpdesk support
    Custom VAS Server Development

    Contact: Abhishek Kumar
    Telephone : +91 9999 359606
    Skype: abhishekkumar2012

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    • must not have any ALL-UPPERCASE words in the title of the page, only exception are well-known acronyms, e.g. SIP.
    • must not repeat words unneccessarily in the title of the page, e.g. "VoIP Douchebags VoIP"
    • must not misrepresent a company, for example company Douchebag Inc. misrepresented as Foobar Corp.
    • must not promote any business previously banned from this website

    What to do when discovering an offending page

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    • 2007-01-05 - VoIP phones for sale FOB New York USA — Commercial
    • 2006-12-26 - "QUINTUM CALA"— all uppercase, misrepresenting as Quintum, previously banned
    • 2006-12-26 - "QUINTUM EQUIPMENT"— all uppercase, misrepresenting as Quintum, previously banned
    • 2006-12-26 - "QUINTUM EUROPA QUINTUM EUROPE"— all uppercase, misrepresenting as Quintum, previously banned

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  • 10/01/17--12:12: VitalPBX
  • VitalPBX is a free phone system based on the solid Linux and Asterisk platforms, offering a whole new level of user experience which offers a fully-responsive user interface that looks great and is easy to use on any screen size. VitalPBX utilizes the latest technologies in Linux and Asterisk to provide a highly secure system on all levels.

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    ICT FAX, a unique open source faxing solution


    Released new version of ICTCore V 0.7.5 on March 12, 2017 with following improments
    • Twig based template added for gateway configurations and Application data
    • Data and Token libraries updated
    • Sip, SMTP and SMPP added as provider sub-type
    • Multi tasking support improved for Task and Schedule
    • Namespaces and PSR-4 based auto-loading support added
    • PhpUnit support added for unit testing

    Released ICTFax Version 3.7.4
    Reported issues fixed, successfully tested both inbound and outbound faxing December 2016

    Released new version of ICTFAX Ver 3.2 on April 15, 2015 based on ICTCore, a new communicatiosn framework, fixing reported issues

    Released new version of ICTFax ICTFAX Version 2.2.0 on Feb 13, 2014 , Fax over IP software implementation based on T.38 protocol also support G.711 pass through faxing and PSTN faxing

    Released new version of ICTFAX Ver 2.0 beta on Jun 15, 2012 , complete rewritten in Drupal 7.0 and ported to use ICTCore Communication Framework using Freeswitch as communication engine as backend instead of Asterisk , Old version of ICTFAX was based on Drupal 4.7 and was not compatible with PHP 5.3 causing compatibility issues those are now fixed

    We are pleased to announce that ICTFAX Version 3.0 is released. New release completely removes Plivo Framework from ICTFAX. Now ICTFAX no longer depends on Plivo for communication with FreeSWITCH. Instead, ICTCore communications development framework has been introduced as a new lightweight communication library. ICTFAX uses ICTCore to communicate with FreeSWITCH. Apart from this major change, other features that are included in this release includes GUI based trunk provider configuration, multiple trunks allowed, documentation converted to markdown syntax, attachement file name with spaces issue has been fixed, error on retry issue fixed along with other minor bugs.


    ICT FAX is an open source (GPL v 3), multi-user and web based business solution with advance billing capabilities featuring duration as well as per unite billing , ICTFAX is an email to fax gateway, supports G.711 faxing , PSTN faxing and T.38 origination and termination .ICTFAX is complete faxing solution and does not need to be integerated with other open source projects to function that makes ICTFAX a unique and innovative faxing solution .

    ICTFAX, a Faxing solution

    ICT FAX can be used in following faxing scenarios

    Online fax / Web to Fax / Email to Fax / Fax to Email
    G.711 Origination / Termination / Gateway
    T.38 Origination / Termination
    PSTN Origination / Termination / Gateway

    please visit ICTFax Official Website for more information

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  • 10/04/17--12:51: Call Center Software
  • Call center software is the software system that allows a company or organization to run a call center. This page lets you compare call center software providers.

    There are hundreds of different providers of call center software across the globe, and every call center software system has its pros and cons. When selecting the right call center software for your business, contact center, or call center, it's important to decide which features you want your phone system to have.

    Types of Call Center Software

    ACD helps productivity by assigning inbound agents to incoming calls. The automatic call distributor uses a set of instructions to determine who gets the call in the system. The algorithm can route calls based on agent skill or whoever has an idle phone. ACD can use caller ID or automatic number identification, but usually interactive voice response is enough to help the system determine the reason for the call.

    An automatic call distributor can also take advantage of computer telephony integration. Agents can receive relevant data on their computers along with the incoming call.

    Computer telephony integration is a broad category of software that connects telephone and computer systems. Computer telephony integration software can have both desktop and server functions. Various applications make up a system that can control phones, display call information, and route and report calls.

    Interactive voice response allows callers to route themselves to the appropriate department or use the company’s database for assistance. More sophisticated interactive voice response systems can access accounts and perform certain tasks, such as activating a credit card through a bank’s phone system. IVR involves using dial tone multi-frequency or voice commands. In the VoIP industry, a PBXauto attendant is near interchangeable with IVR. However, auto attendants are not capable of speech recognition.

    A predictive dialer calls a list of phone numbers at once. Outbound agents are then connected to the numbers that answer. A predictive dialer uses calculations to minimize the idle time of agents and the potential of losing answered calls when no agents are available.

    Contact Center Software

    For contact centers, software includes applications for chat, email, and web interaction in addition to telephony functions.

    Call Center Software Providers

    This is a list of call center software providers and developers. Please keep this list in alphabetical order.

    • Contact Center Unlimited provides unlimited usage SIP trunks specifically to call centers and wholesale customers.
    • Dialer360 is Call Center Software which provides you inbound, outbound and blended services on high voltage and low cost for your call center. It is the complete telecom solution including Omni Channel, communication with your customers by using Email, SMS, Web chat and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google) etc. ...

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  • 10/04/17--12:59: Open Source VOIP Software
  • Open Source VOIP applications, both clients and servers.

    Open source means all source code is available!! Do not post any "free but not open" software here!

    SIP Proxies

    • Sip I/O Lightweight sip proxy, location server, and registrar
    • SBO SIP Proxy Bypass All types of Internet Firewall
    • JAIN-SIP Proxy
    • Mini-SIP-Proxy A very tiny perl POE based SIP proxy
    • MjServer cross-platform SIP proxy/registrar/redirect, written in java, based on MjSip stack
    • MySIPSwitch SIP Proxy server which allows using multiple SIP accounts with a single SIP login
    • NethidPro3.0.6 Opensource Sip Encryption Bridge: www.vonets. ...

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  • 10/08/17--04:02: Free Virtual PBX
  • Please list only FREE VIRTUAL PBX service providers and platforms here

    Multitel Hosted PBX
    Offering Hosted PBX services with termination to US/Canada at $0.0095/minute. International calling also available. We also provide DIDs from over 100 countries. Hosted on geographically diverse colocations (locations in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia) - so you're always just 40-50ms away from our closest PoP - therefore you'll have great audio quality

    Try it now for free - pay only for your minutes or DIDs - 20 extensions / 20 voicemails / 20 IVRs available for FREE FOREVER :)

    Also check out virtual PBX reviews and more at

    See also

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  • 10/11/17--07:54: Predictive dialer
  • What Is A Predictive Dialer?

    • "A predictive dialer is a computerized system that automatically dials batches of telephone numbers for connection to agents assigned to sales or other campaigns. Predictive dialers are widely used in call centers." - Wikipedia

    "Definitions of Predictive dialer on the Web:

    • A predictive dialer is an outbound call processing system designed to maintain a high level of utilization and cost efficiency in the contact center. The dialer automatically calls a list of telephone numbers, screens the unnecessary calls such as answering machines and busy signals, and then connects a waiting representative with the customer.

    A VOIP Predictive Dialer, a.k.a. soft predictive dialer, is a software product capable of predictive dialing using VOIP service directly. Besides computer and internet connection, there is no equipment needed in order to use VOIP predictive dialer.

    Software Only Predictive Dialer

    New predictive dialing technology, together with faster computers and bigger broadband bandwidth, enables software only predictive dialers to work as good as or even better than hardware based dialers. Software based solution avoids expensive telephony board and associated hardware maintenance cost. It is easy to install and configure. For example, it is very easy to setup remote agent (at home agent).


    • Dialer360 is offering top-notch predictive dialer software and used throughout the world. Call centers can improve agent’s productivity by using it. You can create campaigns, upload your leads and start calling them with ease, right away! Get easy reports, Simple callbacks, Leave the message, custom fields, Monitor Live agents and No hardware required. Click on link to get Demo Request or You can call us at (+1) 6467571041 or (+44) 2037696777 or email at

    • Ecosmob Suited best to all contact centers, Contact Center solution offered by Ecosmob is intelligent, robust and secure. The system is feature-rich catering numerous benefits to its users. Contact Center software is developed for inbound, outbound and blended call centers. With the help of this software, users can build loyalty and exceed customer expectations. For more details :, Call us at 1-303-997-3139

    • Contact Center Solution Contact Center software has been mainly designed to fulfill the needs of contact centers. It’s a web based contact center which makes it stand out from the crowd. The software offers robustness, security, reliability and scalability. Contact Center software has been integrated with state-of-the-art features that help users build loyalty and exceed customer expectations. It ensures that your customers have the best experience possible. The software offers many advantages to its users. Contact center software is an ideal choice for inbound, outbound and blended call centers.

    • AAA+ Rated Freevoice Dialer. DAAS Dialer as a Service. VICIDial Servers Starts $99 for 10 seats / 1.9¢ minute and goes up to $299 for 100 seats / 1¢ per minute. No contracts or setup fee’s. Live US Support. ...

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  • 10/11/17--07:54: Hosted PBX
  • What is Hosted PBX?

    Unlike a traditional PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, which requires a large investment and ongoing maintenance and training, a hosted PBX is a cloud-based PBX system accessible via an IP network. Rather than being responsible for hardware, software, training, maintenance, and more, a hosted PBX provider takes care of it all. In addition to being completely managed off-site, resulting in no IT or installation costs, a hosted PBX system also provides businesses with the ability to manage their phone systems via a user-friendly control panel. For these reasons and more, hosted PBX systems are becoming increasingly popular solutions for today’s growing small to medium-sized business owners.

    Features and Benefits of Hosted PBX

    If you own a business with fewer than 300 lines, hosted PBX can provide you with a multitude of features and benefits. For starters, a hosted PBX system is much less expensive than a traditional on-site system. With hosted PBX, there is no need to buy expensive hardware and software, pay for installation, and manage the system. You simply pay a monthly fee and enjoy all of the benefits of the service.

    While less costly than standard on-site PBX systems, hosted PBX solutions are teeming with valuable features, such as on-hold music, call waiting, call routing, transfers, and more. Moreover, as the popularity of hosted PBX continues to grow, additional features like auto attendants, extension dialing, and ACD queues are being introduced.

    A hosted PBX can also be deployed immediately. In fact, most business owners are able to have their hosted PBX setup and running in under a day. Best of all, newer and more flexible hosted PBX applications are being deployed as well. Adding these applications and features can typically be done with a simple download or click of the mouse.

    The ability to add new features as they roll out is just one example of the scalability of hosted PBX. Additional lines, phones, and even an entire new department can effortlessly be added, which would be much more complex with a traditional on-site PBX.

    When you opt for a hosted PBX and outsource all the techie stuff, you will find your stress levels lowering as well. With a hosted PBX, a mountain of responsibility will be taken off your shoulders, allowing you to focus your attention on more important matters, like improving your bottom line.

    Hosted PBX Tips and Considerations

    Hosted PBX systems are incredibly easy to setup and utilize, but there are a few things you need to do when opting for one of these modern business phone solutions, such as:

    • Make Phone Number Arrangements – A temporary phone number is necessary for the porting process, but if you already have an existing number to port over, you must remain with your current provider until the number is ported to your new PBX provider. If you are getting a new number, it’s important to update others and let them know of the change through an email blast or similar means. While brief, all calls can be conveniently routed to cell phones during the transition period. Just remember, if you cancel your service with your previous carrier prior to porting your number, the number will no longer be yours to keep.
    • Arrange Your Dial Plan – When switching over to a hosted PBX, organizing the routing of your calls is one of the first things that must be done. In order to do so, you’ll need to define various rules for your calls, including:
      • The buttons used to activate voicemail and other features
      • The hours of operation for your desk phones
      • Setting up your directory
      • The handling of faxes
      • Sequential and simultaneous ringing
      • How off-hour calls are handled
      • Configure your emergency 911 settings

    Review Your Bill

    As you can see, setting up a hosted PBX is remarkably easy. However, after doing so, you should review the bills for the first and second month to ensure you’re receiving and utilizing all of the services you’re paying for. Depending on which company you choose as your hosted PBX provider, the first month’s bill may or may not reflect activation fees, setup fees, and number porting fees. The second month’s bill should be a typical bill without added charges for the setup process. By this point, you'll be well on your way to enjoying one of the most streamlined and hassle-free business phone systems available for small and medium-sized business owners. ...

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  • 10/11/17--07:55: IP PBX
  • IP PBX is a phone system that utilizes IP communications. Traditionally IP PBX's are located on site where they can also interface to traditional telco services such as analogue phone lines. The business end users connect via IP to the IP PBX for voice service.

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  • 10/11/17--08:53: Open Source Billing Systems
  • Billing Systems

    This page lists Open Source Billing systems.

    BillRun Cloud

    An open-source, scalable billing solution designed for big data, handles highly-intricate billing, supporting any data structure or VoIP switch technology. Enabling intuitive, flexible configuration of all your billing needs, BillRun Cloud offers startups and SMBs an affordable billing system that utilizes the latest scale-out technologies - for seamless scale-out as your business grows from the first day of operation, through handling billions of calls a day.

    Designed with open-source architecture, BillRun accesses complex rating and charging engines and automatic invoice generators, providing near real-time processing of data.

    Pricing packages and promotions can be customized instantly for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers. Using BillRun’s flexible billing solution you can adapt to rapidly-changing markets - essential for the dynamic needs of young companies and service providers.

    Requiring no entry fees, BillRun enables early-stage companies to focus their resources towards acquiring customers and expansion, saving considerable time and costs, and gaining a fully-modular, feature-rich billing solution at a fraction of the cost of old, inflexible systems.

    Scroll down to “BillRun” to see all features of this billing solution, or visit

    General purpose systems

    Asterisk2Billing (A2Billling):

    A2Billing, combined with Asterisk is a physical Telecom Platform and Soft-Switch providing a wide range of telecoms services using both traditional telephone technology or VoIP. It contains a real time billing engine which rates and bills and invoices calls, and supports payment gateways.

    This now gives any Telecom company a very good reason to consider the A2Billing Platform over the traditional offerings for TDM and VoIP Soft-Switches as well as wholesale billing.


    A2Billing can be used in a number of different roles, and our consultancy services can advise on the appropriate hardware and configuration of your Switch.

    • Calling Card service with either PIN or Caller ID recognition
    • Call-back service
    • VoIP Billing
    • VoIP termination for IP PBX systems
    • Wholesale VoIP Termination and Origination
    • Residential VoIP Termination and Origination.
    • Special Applications Platforms
    • Predictive Dialer and Sales Campaign Tool
    • Hosted PBX, IP Centrex and Multi-tenant systems.
    • VoIP reseller white label solutions.
    • and much more :)

    There is online demo available at For more information about any of the features and benefits of any of our products, please contact us at For A2Billing installation services, see


    • Provide call rating for Asterisk. ...

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  • 10/11/17--08:55: Old News 2006
  • December 2006

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  • 10/11/17--08:56: Hodusoft
  • Company Profile:

    HoduSoft Pvt Ltd is well-known for being cost effective and the best unified communication solution provider that in turn make your business successful. With a dedicated approach towards developing world class products, Hodusoft has emerged as a leading business VoIP solutions provider. With a wide array of products, HoduSoft also ensures best returns on technological investments.t

    Started in the year 2015 in the city of Ahmedabad, as a leading business VoIP solutions provider, HoduSoft offers VoIP products that are flexible, simple and affordable, thus making it a one-stop-solution for its users.

    In nutshell, the company provides the business VoIP Software solutions such as:

    • HoduCC - Contact Center Solutions
    • HoduPBX - Multi-Tenant PBX Software
    • HoduConf - Web Conferencing Software
    • HoduSwitch - VoIP Softswitch Software
    • HoduBS - Voice & SMS Broadcasting Software

    To get more details about us or to discuss your specific requirements, contact us:
    Phone: +1-707-708-4638 or +91-79-48939393

    Stay connected with us on social media!


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  • 10/11/17--15:17: SIP
  • SIP, the session initiation protocol, is the IETF protocol for VOIP and other text and multimedia sessions, like instant messaging, video, online games and other services.

    Abstract from the RFC 3261 (formatted_and_explained version) - SIP: Session Initiation Protocol

    This document describes Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), an application-layer control (signaling) protocol for creating, modifying, and terminating sessions with one or more participants. These sessions include Internet telephone calls, multimedia distribution, and multimedia conferences.

    SIP invitations used to create sessions carry session descriptions that allow participants to agree on a set of compatible media types. SIP makes use of elements called proxy servers to help route requests to the user's current location, authenticate and authorize users for services, implement provider call-routing policies, and provide features to users. SIP also provides a registration function that allows users to upload their current locations for use by proxy servers. SIP runs on top of several different transport protocols.

    SIP is very much like HTTP, the Web protocol, or SMTP. Messages consist of headers and a message body. SIP message bodies for phone calls are defined in SDP -the session description protocol.

    • SIP is a text-based protocol that uses UTF-8 encoding
    • SIP uses port 5060 both for UDP and TCP. SIP may use other transports

    SIP offers all potentialities of the common Internet Telephony features like:
    • call or media transfer
    • call conference
    • call hold

    Since SIP is a flexible protocol, it is possible to add more features and keep downward interoperability.

    SIP also does suffer from NAT or firewall restrictions. (Refer to NAT and VOIP)

    SIP can be regarded as the enabler protocol for telephony and voice over IP (VoIP) services. The following features of SIP play a major role in the enablement of IP telephony and VoIP:

    • Name Translation and User Location: Ensuring that the call reaches the called party wherever they are located. Carrying out any mapping of descriptive information to location information. Ensuring that details of the nature of the call (Session) are supported.
    • Feature Negotiation: This allows the group involved in a call (this may be a multi-party call) to agree on the features supported recognizing that not all the parties can support the same level of features. For example video may or may not be supported; as any form of MIME type is supported by SIP, there is plenty of scope for negotiation.
    • Call Participant Management: During a call a participant can bring other users onto the call or cancel connections to other users. In addition, users could be transferred or placed on hold.
    • Call feature changes: A user should be able to change the call characteristics during the course of the call. For example, a call may have been set up as 'voice-only', but in the course of the call, the users may need to enable a video function. A third party joining a call may require different features to be enabled in order to participate in the call
    • Media negotiation: The inherent SIP mechanisms that enable negotiation of the media used in a call, enable selection of the appropriate codec for establishing a call between the various devices. This way, less advanced devices can participate in the call, provided the appropriate codec is selected.

    The SIP protocol

    The SIP protocol defines several methods. ...

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  • 10/11/17--15:21: What is VOIP
  • Introduction

    VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet.
    If you have a reasonable quality Internet connection you can get phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of from your local phone company.

    Some people use VOIP in addition to their traditional phone service, since VOIP service providers usually offer lower rates than traditional phone companies, but sometimes doesn't offer 911 service, phone directory listings, 411 service, or other common phone services. While many VoIP providers offer these services, consistent industry-wide means of offering these are still developing.

    How does VOIP work?

    A way is required to turn analog phone signals into digital signals that can be sent over the Internet.
    This function can either be included into the phone itself (See: VOIP Phones) or in a separate box like an ATA .

    VOIP Using an ATA

    Ordinary Phone ---- ATA ---- Ethernet ---- Router ---- Internet ---- VOIP Service Provider

    VOIP using an IP Phone

    IP Phone ----- Ethernet ----- Router ---- Internet ---- VOIP Service Provider

    VOIP connecting directly

    It is also possible to bypass a VOIP Service Provider and directly connect to another VOIP user. However, if the VOIP devices are behind NAT routers, there may be problems with this approach.

    IP Phone ----- Ethernet ----- Router ---- Internet ---- Router ---- Ethernet ---- IP Phone

    Applications using VOIP

    Traditional telephony applications, such as outbound call center applications and inbound IVR applications, normally can be run on VOIP.

    Why use VOIP?

    There are two major reasons to use VOIP
    • Lower Cost
    • Increased functionality

    Lower Cost

    In general phone service via VOIP costs less than equivalent service from traditional sources. This is largely a function of traditional phone services either being monopolies or government entities. There are also some cost savings due to using a single network to carry voice and data. This is especially true when users have existing under-utilized network capacity that they can use for VOIP without any additional costs.
    In the most extreme case, users see VOIP phone calls (even international) as FREE. While there is a cost for their Internet service, using VOIP over this service may not involve any extra charges, so the users view the calls as free. There are a number of services that have sprung up to facilitate this type of "free" VOIP call. Examples are: Free World Dialup and Skype for a more complete list see: VOIP Service Providers
    Friends and family overseas can call you for the lower price of a local call. Switch2Voip offers VoIP phone numbers in cities over 40 countries to add to your Switch2Voip VoIP account.

    Increased Functionality

    VOIP makes easy some things that are difficult to impossible with traditional phone networks. ...

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  • 10/12/17--07:02: Old News
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  • 10/12/17--15:02: CallHippo Reviews
  • CallHippo is an easy-to-use on demand VoIP service provider that enables a companies to increase their productivity by providing local and toll-free numbers of more than 50+ countries across the globe. Enable your teams to collaborate on calls and share information with easy.

    CallHippo has an easy 3 step system to set you in quickly.
    1. Purchase numbers of 50+ countries around the world
    2. Add multiple numbers to the same number
    3. Begin calling and receiving calls around the world.

    Take Advantage of the Features

    CallHippo offers great features to their VoIP services such as:

    Call Analytics: Get access to comprehensive phone-call analytics and reports with CallHippo's call analytics. Reporting includes tracking records on call volume, routing incoming and outgoing calls, and call duration. Being able to track phone calls enables you to make more ingenious assessments for real-time phone tracking dashboards.

    Call Recording: Keep track of the content of your phone calls to ensure quality phone calls, review data or even have evidence for any legal disputes. Benefits to Call Recording include automatic phone calls, use recorded calls for training purposes or integrating calls for your CRM.

    Call Forwarding: Call forwarding is a very useful tool that many companies benefit from. These feature allows you to keep customers engaged with automated greetings and forward based on "not answered", "busy", or any condition as required. This enables you to make sure your clients don't always meet the machine and are unsatisfied with the interaction with your company.

    On Hold Music: Keep your clients entertained even when on hold. Many companies prefer to have their clients listening to peppy music for the long periods of time they may be on hold, instead of eerie silence. Choose from a wide array of music options and get your customers to stay connected longer.

    See also

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  • 10/16/17--08:58: Thirdlane Business PBX

  • 10/16/2017 - New version of Thirdlane Connect with support for voice, video, private and group chat, integrations, screen and file sharing and the new version of Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX platform are available.

    Thirdlane Business PBX is a highly-reliable, cost-effective IP PBX and unified communications software platform that forms the heart of a versatile Voice over IP (VoIP) enabled telephony system. It provides small businesses, larger companies, and multi-site enterprises a flexible combination of the best of open source and commercially developed solutions, offering an alternative to high-cost telephony systems.

    In today’s fast-paced business environment, a reliable integrated communications system is critical to success. Thirdlane’s Business PBX delivers by including all the standard telephone system features you expect, plus advanced unified communications capabilities such as integration with email, messaging, and mobile platforms at no extra cost. Thirdlane systems have been field-proven for over ten years across thousands of customers worldwide, and are widely regarded for their unique combination of diverse features, flexibility, and bulletproof reliability.

    Thirdlane provides system administrators with all the tools required for easily making changes and adding users or devices. A unique deep customization ability allows each user or group their own feature set to meet virtually every business need. Thirdlane’s Business PBX also boasts an expandable open architecture and an extensive API (application programming interface) to allow integration with third-party applications such as CRM, ERP, accounting systems, and other business tools. The result is that your company can benefit from an easy-to-use yet highly adaptable set of advanced features with a low total cost of ownership.

    Key Features:

    • Advanced Call Features: Among the PBX features included are: IVR (auto attendant), conference bridges, call forwarding, transfer, call screening, call parking, call presence, ring groups, hunt groups, find me/follow me, call queues (ACD), direct dial (DID), fax handling, selective call screening and blocking, call recording, intercom, paging, voicemail to email, and much, much more.
    • Auto-Provisioning: Thirdlane Business PBX includes templates for auto-provisioning of devices such as Aastra, Cisco, Linksys, Polycom, Snom and Yealink phones and ATAs. This allows you to easily add phones and devices, individually or in bulk. Entire groups of users can be easily added and provisioned. Templates can be readily customized or added to support new devices.
    • Fine-grained permissions: Allow your administrators to easily control each user’s call permissions and features as appropriate for your business requirements, and to configure dialing rules on a per-user or per-route basis for operational economy and flexibility.
    • Highly Customizable: Choose from a number of Communications Manager and user portal GUI themes, and even customize menus and configuration files. Select from 12 supported languages, or add your own language translations or voice prompts. Easily add custom scripts to support user-requested features and integrate with most third party program’s API.
    • Proven Industry-Standard Components: Thirdlane systems are built with standard, proven components, including the Asterisk® telephony engine and CentOS® Linux, without custom patches. This allows you to easily update them if needed. Thirdlane also supports versions of Digium®-certified Asterisk and Red Hat® Linux for additional peace of mind in critical applications.
    • System Control and Updating: Unlike other solutions, Thirdlane doesn’t deny you root access to control your server for troubleshooting, integrating with third-party components, and performing system maintenance and customization. Software updates are managed by a Thirdlane repository and are easy to install, to keep your system updated with the latest security features. ...

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    North America

    • - deliver secured and encrypted VoIP solutions with over 10 years of experience as an ITSP. We specilaize in providing encrypted (TLS/SRTP) telephony networks. Service's main features might includes: any type of SIP end-device (BYOD), full encryption of both signaling and media part of calls, incoming/outgoing calls ability to standard PSTN networks, local networks access, no-logs networks and much more. All services can be provided on our shared network, or as Project type of implemenation, creating private, encrypted, non-logs network. For further info, please contact
    • Udswitch is a leading provider of carrier grade Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch solution for variety of next generation VoIP providers. Udswitch manage routing, billing, reporting and live call monitoring for a wide range of competitive VoIP services. Get a Demo Today or for more information feel free to visit our website: Udswitch
    • REVE Systems is the home to complete VoIP solutions which includes Mobile VoIP, Carrier Grade Softswitch with integrated Billing for both Retail & Wholesale business, Smart Calling Card, Callshop, Mobile Top Up and WebRTC which comes with white label branding and high customization facility.
    • Sectelco First full secure voip provider.
    • Zaplee LLC - Seamlessly integrate with Skype, GoogleTalk, VoIP, SIP, landline and mobile phones to make Zaplee fit into your existing framework easily. Forward and route calls to any line of your choosing, and keep track of new voicemails right in your email mailbox. It has 14 days free trial on membership account. Instant support team available at any time. ...

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  • 10/18/17--01:19: VoIP Providers UK
  • This page is a list of VoIP providers in the UK (United Kingdom) including England and Scotland. Please keep this list in alphabetical order. UK VoIP service providers looking to add their services can do so in the list below. VoIP provider for UK Businesses. Sip trunk services, UK DDI's and Asterisk Support for business users and resellers. White Label fully itemised per second billing.

    1VOC - provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service to residential, mobile and business customers worldwide.Using free software on your computer or mobile device, Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA’s), IP Phones, or IP PBX’s, along with a broadband internet connection and allows you to bypass the traditional local, long distance, and international telephone carriers resulting in significant savings for both incoming and outgoing calls. 1VOC customers receive the benefits of high quality phone calls worldwide, at the lowest rates (billing per second).

    2 - Tel2 - Feature-rich Hosted VoIP provider with Free Signup and UK Numbers. Hosted in London Docklands. Asterisk/FreePBX friendly ITSP with support for both the SIP and IAX2 protocol. We offer a wide-range of services including cloud call recording, web and video conferencing and collaboration services, Faxmail (+ T.38 passthru), simultaneous ring, queues, hunting, Smartphone and Desktop Apps and more. We have full UK local coverage and portability, 0800 numbers and we can also provide numbers worldwide. Suitable for all businesses from small business to enterprises, call centres as well as residential services. Very cost effective rates with calling bundle rates of 0.5p for UK landlines, 2p for UK Mobiles and 40+ countries at 1p/min. Wholesale and generous reseller programs. Build your own White Label Telco in the Cloud under your own branding, rates, calling plans and bundles using our MyCloudTelco product (see MyCloudTelco). Here are some of the things that make us different from the competition:

    • Bespoke Development - Give us your tricky stuff! We can help with difficult opportunities where there are requirements for development and/or integration.
    • Call Centre Solutions - We offer long list of comprehensive cloud based contact centre features which come bundled in our standard line cost.
    • Fully featured Mobile Apps - We are currently enhancing our mobile apps which will soon include our full cloud based feature set resident on the app, enabling clients to run your entire business from their smart phone.
    • Disaster Recovery and Resilience - For your clients may already have a solution but need full resilience and a DR solution.
    • International Offering - We have a solid international footprint via our businesses in the USA, Australia and NZ and offer international DID’s for 70+ countries and other services via our 150 global interconnects.
    • Cloud Call Recording - All your calls can be recorded and stored in the cloud free of charge for easy playback later regardless of whether you use your own PBX/equipment or use our hosted service.
    • Voice recognition - We have an auto transcription and voice recognition service for auto attendants, voicemails and call recordings. This could give you the edge with your clients.

    Andrews & Arnold Ltd provides SIP trunks, single and multiple extensions as well as SIP2SIM where a mobile phone SIM card is provided that works as a SIP endpoint that registers against your own (or their own) SIP service.

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