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    The world of communication technology is changing rapidly and moves much faster than any other industry. It has the potentiality to both improve on existing phone technology and greatly reduce phone costs. This rapid growing industry is not only saving the communication cost but also creating the worldwide business opportunities. Among them, VoIP wholesale is becoming an increasingly lucrative business model nowadays. Yet, many Small and Medium Business owners are understandably wary of the technology, having heard horror stories from their peers, or having had poor experiences due to bad VoIP implementations. It is a matter of hope that, with the right knowledge and the correct set of tools (technologies & software), it is possible to implement VoIP in a manner that is extremely reliable and effective
    as well as profitable. This is the reason that makes VoIP so popular as a means of communication and business. Here we are exploring some of the basic concepts involving in setting up a dependable VoIP business. IP business usually doesn’t require huge initial costs and might be highly lucrative if done properly. This means that all peculiarities of the business must be taken into consideration.

    Following are the prerequisites of VoIP business:

    • Hardware Equipment
    • Software
    • Clients- traffic consumers or resellers
    • Ensure sufficient Bandwidth

    Hardware Equipment:

    To run a VoIP business you should have some hardware. Hardware related to VoIP is Gateway, Router, a well configured PC or Laptop, LAN card and so on.
    • Gateway:
    A VoIP gateway is a device which converts telephony traffic into IP for transmission over a data network. There are lots of VoIP gateways available today in the global market, and its demand has increasing dramatically and the prices also very reasonable. Analog VoIP gateways start at as little as $200. SBO a software solution for VoIP Termination works with any types of VoIP gateways.

    • A PC or Laptop:
    You should have some basic idea about MS excel to generating bill for your clients. In addition, if you would like to apply software or bandwidth solution i.e SBO, you should have a PC configured with SBO ISO and your PC should be locally connected with Gateway Device.


    Most important software for VoIP is Softswitch. It is the central device in VoIP Company’s network. So, it is very important to select a high quality and stable softswitch which has integrated billing system, because billing is very important part of IP Telephony. It will help you to monitor and collect CDR (Call Detail Record) to generate bill for your clients. A quality softswitch should have the functionality of convertibility from VoIP to TDM (Interfacing with physical Switches) and complete switching and billing platform for IP based telecommunication service providers. For example, SyncSwitch, it gives users a wide variety of business model implementation possibilities including Calling Card, Call Shop, Call Back, PC to Phone, Mobile Dialer, Device to Phone, on net calling and so on. And also support all commonly use codecs.

    • Bandwidth Solution:
    Beside this, you will need some (third party) solution to reduce business operation cost and to develop service quality. Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer (SBO) is a complete solution for VoIP service provider. It reduces the bandwidth consumption by 80% which directly cuts down the operational cost. Moreover, it uses multiple internet connections for VoIP termination. This provides the opportunity to do business with low cost shared bandwidths and still maintain superior voice quality. As it has the ability to use multiple connections it can distribute the load evenly among the networks very efficiently and performs failover on demand.

    Clients- traffic consumers or resellers:

    Well, to run a VoIP telecommunication business you should arrange some clients or suppliers by yourself. They are the main contractors in VoIP business. The providers buy international VoIP traffic from their suppliers and sell it to clients. One VoIP company can be both your suppliers and clients as well. Your company should have corporate pages on internet communities. It will help you to communicate with your clients and other providers. Moreover, social media pages like facebook, linkedin, twitter and so on, is also a good source of marketing and communication. ...

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  • 05/06/15--00:39: BULK SMS
  • Bulk SMS, also known as bulk messaging or bulk text messaging is the act of disseminating SMS messages in large numbers so they are able to be delivered to various mobile phone terminals. This form of messaging is typically utilized by consumer brands, banks, enterprises and media companies. The messages are generally used for mobile marketing, enterprise and entertainment. However, banks often use them for fraud control. For example, if criminals are circulating a fake email that is asking people who have accounts at a certain bank to provide their social security numbers or other confidential information, these text messages can alert people to the scam so they do not fall victim to it. Bulk messaging is often utilized for reminders and alerts. However, it is more frequently used to send communications and information between customers and staff of various companies. Bulk messaging enables the delivery of SMS messages to large numbers of mobile phones that are located all around the world.

    Bulk messaging software

    In order to receive and send bulk messages, software is needed. There are many types of software packages specifically designed for this task that are available. These packages give their users the ability to send messages to as many phone numbers as they want. There are many different ways in which these phone numbers can be managed.

    The vast majority of software applications that are designed to be used with SMS enable the user to upload mobile phone number lists with the use of a CSV or TXT file. Systems that are more advanced are capable of automatically deleting any numbers that are repeated. There are also systems that can be programed to validate all of the mobile phone numbers before the messages are sent to them.

    Enhanced software features are also currently available that allow users to schedule messages to be delivered at certain days and/or times. Bulk messages are also able to be sent on mobile networks that are international or national, assuming that the provider of the bulk messaging software sends internationally.

    Bulk messaging portal

    Bulk messaging features can be added to websites through the use of this specific online script. Unlimited mobile phone numbers can be added to the list of numbers to send messages to. There are a wide variety of ways that can be used to manage these numbers.

    Bulk messaging API

    The majority of services that handle bulk messaging use the API's (Application Programming Interface) listed below. These enable the addition of functionality to programs by their programmers:

    • Email
    • HTTP
    • SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer)
    • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

    Immediate benefits of using bulk SMS messaging

    When a particular business is not doing well financially, they need to utilize various tools that can help them gain a competitive advantage in their specific industry. One of the main reasons that bulk SMS is so popular is its ability to lower operational costs while also generating revenue at the same time. Bulk SMS might be the only medium that is able to show a return on investment that is able to be measured. Wholesale SMS messaging is targeted, which makes it extremely effective at getting people to respond and generate revenue.

    Reduces operational costs

    Bulk SMS message transmission is more effective than email and less expensive than voice calls. There are thousands of businesses located all around the globe that utilize wholesale SMS as a way to communicate with their suppliers, employees and customers. There is a significant cost savings as a result of time being saved because actual voice calls to suppliers, employees and customers do not need to be made. A single message can instantly be sent to many people at the same time, as long as the person is located in an area with mobile coverage. The ability to disseminate information so quickly to a large target audience reduces communication costs while also generating revenue if used for marketing purposes.

    Allows customers to be accessed easily

    More people have mobile phones than have access to email or landline phones. Every mobile phone supports the use of text messaging. All mobile phone users are comfortable using this technology because it is simple and easy to understand. This makes wholesale SMS the perfect medium to use for communication with customers. There are also no demographical or geographical restrictions. ...

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    This page contains information about international Asterisk sound files.


    As of October 2009, it is possible for new languages to be added to Asterisk if you or your company is willing to have the recordings made and then contribute them under the Creative Commons license. They will then appear in the menus of different languages which can be selected at build time. Find these instructions for details and procedures: Everyone who has submitted a language below is encouraged to re-package their sound files for addition. Questions can be sent to John Todd ( regarding language additions.

    • Use language= in a .conf file, or use the CHANNEL(language) function (1.4+) resp. the SetLanguage() application in extensions.conf

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  • 05/06/15--11:32: Hosted PBX
  • Hosted PBX is a service where the call platform and PBX features are hosted at the service provider location. The business end users connect via IP to the provider for voice service.

    "Hosted" means to say that the hardware and PBX is hosted at an off-site location from where the VoIP telephone service is being used. An office can have VoIP telephone service that powers their phones in the office, but their PBX could be hosted at their VoIP providers data center, thus the term: hosted PBX. Hosted PBX is also sometimes referred to as Hosted VoIP.

    Benefits of Hosted PBX

    There are many benefits to using Hosted PBX rather than a traditional phone system, or an on-premise PBX. The main benefit is cost- a Hosted PBX system costs much less to set-up than an on-premise PBX. In many cases, there are no set-up fees for a hosted PBX system. Purchasing and setting up an on-premise PBX can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Hosted PBX phone systems fall under operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure, which also makes hosted PBX service attractive to businesses. With hosted PBX service, you pay a monthly fee, and the hosted PBX service provider takes care of the rest.

    Another benefit to a hosted PBX system over an on-premise PBX is that hosted PBX service providers will take care of all the set-up and installation, meaning you do not need to be a telecom or VoIP expert in order to get a hosted PBX system. A downside to a hosted PBX is you may have a little less of an ability to customize your solution to your business, but many hosted PBX service providers can achieve a deep level of customization.

    More Hosted PBX Service Providers

    Unity Connected SolutionsImage

    Headquartered in Canada, Unity Connected Solutions is a full service Communications Company, providing consulting, design, implementation and support for best of breed business communications solutions. We maintain full sales and technical certifications on all the products we sell and support. With offices across Canada and the USA, and strong alliance partnerships with certified resellers, we are able to serve businesses of all sizes anywhere in Canada, and around the globe.

    Our hosted VoIP PBX phone services give small and medium growing businesses a professional, fully automated call answering and routing solution that can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Forget the hassles and costs of buying and maintaining your own PBX hardware. With business VoIP, your employees, whether in one location or far-flung, can focus on serving your customers while we provide the advanced features and responsiveness that give you a competitive edge.

    Benefits of Hosted PBX
    • Flexible - A flexible system that can scale as you grow, can support your team whether in one office, several offices, at home or on the road. A system built to fit around you and not the other way around.
    • Simple - A system with the sophistication you require to run your business but simple to use and manage. Our process ensures you are up and running quickly and seamlessly. Simple, so you don’t have to be the technology expert.
    • Communicate Better - A system with enterprise class features available to businesses of ALL sizes. Features to allow you to collaborate internally and to be always available to your customers. So you never have to miss a vital customer call again.
    • Worry-free - A system run on several data centers in the US and Canada so there is no single point of failure. Fully redundent, immediate failover. And backed up by Unity’s proven support system. Worry free, so you can focus on your business.
    • Quality - A system built on best services routing ensures the highest quality transmission of your voice call and delivered to your premises over a Managed Internet. So you never have to worry about communicating with your customers.
    • Always Up-to-Date - An always up-to-date system that we keep current. No more expensive upgrades or retrofits. You will always have the latest features available for your use. So you never have to worry about buying another telephone system again. ...

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  • 05/06/15--12:28: Sip Trunking Providers
  • This page is a list of SIP trunking providers around the world. Please keep this list in alphabetical order. SIP providers looking to add their services can do so in the list below.

    Country specific pages:


    Zoom Soft is worldwide SIP Trunking Service Provider and Dedicated Server provider. With 24/7 services we always try to give our best services for client. Our services are given below:
    • Cheapest Dedicated Server
    • Easy VoIP Billing Server
      • VoIP Soft Switch
      • SIP Trunking
    • Wholesale A to Z Termination
    • Mobile Dialer
    • DID No
    • SSL Certificates
    • Web Design
    • Web Development
    • Domain Registration
    • Web Hosting


    ALTOTELECOMVoIP provider for business and Call Centers - AltoTelecom is VoIP company that provides SIP Trunking services for Call Centers, hotels, small and large business using a PBX or an Asterisk based predictive dialer such as Vicidial or Goautodial for telemarketing sales, rates under 1 cent per minute to USA, Canada and UK

    1comms VoIP provider for UK Businesses. Sip trunk services, UK DDI's and Asterisk Support for business users and resellers. White Label fully itemized per second billing.

    1Pipe Telecom | OnePipe is a licensed carrier providing Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking in over 50 countries. We have regional network facilities spread across the globe.
    • Actual US CLEC
    • Branded customer portals
    • Multiple geographic locations on one Hosted PBX
    • Coverage in over 50 countries
    • Unlimited inbound on each channel
    • Great for inbound call centers
    • No fee's per user or extension

    Incorpus TeleNetworks One stop solution for all your voip needs. DIDs, Tollfree, SIP trunking, WHite label reseller, Private label resellers. Class5 sofswitches, Class 6 softswitches, Carriergrade softswitches all with one time installation and monthly rental plans available. ...

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  • 05/06/15--13:40: Asterisk consultants csa
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  • 05/06/15--17:18: Yeastar
  • Image

    Easy Communication!

    Yeastar specializes in the developing and manufacturing IP-PBX products and is committed to the distribution of new generation technology products in the field of enterprises' communications. In the mean time, Yeastar provides the cost- efficient solutions for ITSP to develop the enterprises ultimate purchase market. With professional and high quality team, Yeastar designs products to worldwide applications and maintains the long-term stability of products to greatly benefit users. Yeastar team gave an insight into users' requirements and ready to listen to their new demands for implementing in the product design and services. Yeastar welcomes the cooperation from various kinds of companies and will sincerely treat them to create the multi-win situation together. Yeastar is working hard to make better office communication experience for you.

    With professional and high quality team, many of us are seasoned experts in telecom network and VoIP/PBX. A close-knit organization that we are, we aspire, work and achieve together. At Yeastar, we have built a tradition of teamwork. Innovation being our chief motivation, as a Yeastar, every one strives to come up with newer, more stable software and hardware products suitable for the users.

    Our Products:

    1. MyPBX - IP PBX for SMBs Yeastar - MyPBX

    The new compact, feature rich PBX for every-day use.

    MyPBX is a standalone embedded hybrid PBX for small businesses and remote branch offices of larger organizations (2-500 users per site). MyPBX also offers a hybrid solution (a combination of VoIP applications using legacy telecom equipment) alternative for enterprises who are not yet ready to migrate to a complete VoIP solution.




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  • 05/07/15--08:40: VoIP Hardware
  • This page lists information about VoIP hardware and VoIP hardware products. For phones and hardware to use with Asterisk, including VoIP phones (both hard and soft phones) and Analog Telephone Adapters, see Asterisk phones.

    PSTN Interface cards (analog, GSM, ISDN-PRI and R2/MFC)

    This section contains VoIP hardware for connecting analog or digital phone lines from the Public Switched Telephone Network to your Asterisk server. Please keep VoIP hardware providers in alphabetical order.

    2-Day Direct

    • Cisco SPA303 3-line business-class IP phone; Connects directly to an Internet telephone service provider or to an IP private branch exchange (PBX)
    • Cisco SPA504G Full-featured 4-line business-class VoIP phone supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    • Cisco SPA525G2 5-Line Business IP Phone with Enhanced Connectivity and Media for a New Level of Small Business User Experience; includes wifi and bluetooth connectivity
    • Cisco SPA514G Advanced, Affordable, Feature-Rich VoIP Phone for Business or a Home Office; Full-featured 4-line business-class VoIP phone supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    • Cisco SPA508G Full-featured 8-line business-class IP phone supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE); Connects directly to an Internet telephone service provider or to an IP private branch exchange (PBX)

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  • 05/07/15--08:40: Asterisk Paid Support
  • This is a list of companies that offer Asterisk Paid Support.

    Important notice to posters entering new companies to this page:


    • +44 2037348345
    • Asterisk PBX Installation and Support
    • PBX - VOIP integration and maintenance
    • Telco Support integration - ISDN PRI/BRI
    • Call Center, Contact Center Support Services,Data Entry.
    • Professional Technical Support Services
    • Auto Dialer, Predictive Dialer, ACD Services,Billing Services.
    • Mediant,AudioCode,Digium,Topex,2n System Integrator.
    • IVR,TTS.
    • VirtualPBX, Hosting PBX, CTI and CRM Integrator.
    • Cloud PBX, Cloud Vicidial, ViciBox, AgileDial
    • Remote Support.

    Asterisk Agent (U.S. Based)

    • World Wide Asterisk Support
    • 800-763-2908
    • Specializing in Asterisk based solutions.
    • Asterisk Support & Staffing
    • Live Website Support Available


    provides 24/7 expert support services in installation, configuration, troubleshooting, administration and management for all Asterisk based products, onsite and remotely .
    Our areas of expertise are:
    • Asterisk Installation & Configuration
    • Custom Asterisk Development
    • Dial plan programming
    • IVR designing & Servicing
    • Custom Scripting
    • Call monitoring and recording (Voice Logger)
    • Custom API and CRM Integration
    • Database Integration (ODBC)
    • Custom Queue Systems
    • Conference Systems
    • Vicidial Installation & Configuration
    • Click to dial Applications
    • Support AsterCC
    • Support for A2 Billing (Calling Cards)
    • Free PBX configuration and Installation
    • Trix Box Configuration and Installation
    • AsteriskNow Configuration and Installation
    • Support for Free Switch
    • Remote server administration and management

    For assistance please contact : 080-6640 6666
    E-mail :
    Please visit:


    • Local installs in Southern California, USA - Support Worldwide
    • Provides design and support of any Asterisk-based PBX of all sizes, Polycom and Queuemetrics
    • Specializes in interfacing with external database systems, and call centers
    • Also has full-IT staff to troubleshoot end-to-end network setups
    • Web site: http://www.asteriskpros. ...

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  • 05/07/15--10:01: VoIP Supply
  • sm_voipsupply_fb.GIF

    VoIP Supply

    VoIP Supply is North America's leading VoIP solutions provider. Since 2004, VoIP Supply has delivered valuable solutions for some 125,000 customers worldwide.

    With 35 passionate employees, more than 2,500 products, 20,000 square feet of office space and an unlimited number of VoIP solutions to meet your needs. VoIP Supply has everything you need for VoIP, whether you are a consumer, business, service provider or reseller.

    VoIP Supply Offerings

    VoIP Supply specializes in standards based VoIP equipment and VoIP systems. In addition to complete VoIP systems, VoIP Supply offers:

    and more!

    Besides VoIP equipment and complete Business Phone Systems, VoIP Supply offers a number of value-added services to consumers, businesses, resellers and service providers:

    • Full online catalog at
    • Network assessments
    • Solution design
    • Device configuration, set-up and installation
    • On-going maintenance and support
    • Device fulfillment (privately branded)
    • Extended no-questions asked warranties

    Learn more about VoIP Supply

    If you are interested in learning more about VoIP Supply, please visit our About Us page, call 800.398.8647 or email sales at voipsupply dot com.

    Also, you can contact VoIP Supply through Twitter (@VoIPSupply), Facebook or LinkedIn

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  • 05/07/15--10:07: Asterisk system vendors
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  • 05/07/15--10:11: SPA-922
  • Available From

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  • 05/07/15--10:14: CyberData


    Ceiling Speaker V2.0
    Cyberdata Intercom
    Cyberdata Intercom

    Cyberdata PoE VoIP Paging Gateway

    Cyberdata VOIP Gateway

    The CyberData SIP-enabled Paging Gateway allows the use of legacy analog zone paging amplifiers when converting to a VOIP system. The Gateway is compatible with most SIP-based IP/PBX servers that comply with the SIP RFC 3261. The Gateway is powered via PoE 802.3af - no external power supply is needed. ~ description via website

    Notes on setup in FreePBX using a SIP Extension:
    Set Qualify = no to get it to work.


    For more information contact;
    Bill Majerczak
    831-373-2601 x-102

    Cyberdata PoE VoIP Speaker

    An overhead paging speaker that connects direct to Ethernet.

    From the Data Sheet:

    The CyberData PoE VoIP Speaker is a
    Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and
    Voice-over-IP (VoIP) public address
    loudspeaker that easily connects into
    existing local area networks with a single
    cable connection. The speaker is powered
    via a standard ethernet cable – no external
    power supply is needed. With its small
    footprint and low height, the speaker can be
    discreetly mounted almost anywhere.

    New in 2009 - VoIP Talk-Back Speaker

    The CyberData SIP-enabled Talk-Back Speakers is a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE802.3af) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) public address two-way loudspeaker that is easily connects into existing local area network with a single CAT5 cable connection. The speaker is compatible with most SIP-based IP PBX solutions. In a non-SIP environment, the speaker is capable of broadcasting audio through a multicast. It’s small footprint and low height allows the speaker to be discretely mounted almost anywhere. Speakers can be mounted into existing ceilings or in one of our enclosure kits. Enclosure kits offered are beveled wall mount adapters and NEW in 2009 our wall mount adapter with a digital clock perfect for schools.

    See Also


    New since last update

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  • 05/07/15--10:22: VoIP Wholesale
  • Wholesale VoIP Market:

    There is no doubt today that VoIP is taking over the telecom market, and every month increases penetration into services and industries. Competitive carriers are looking at the numerous ways to make money from this exploding technology, but there's a lingering question as to whether it is profitable to deliver VoIP in a wholesale model? Their customers, typically Service Providers, are looking for their ‘competitive advantage' into this ‘lowest price' race, leveraging within three key alternatives for packet telephony : “build” , “buy” or “rent”. Business aspect, there’s no need to invest tens of millions of dollars in wholesale VoIP to join in. Many Telecom Companies have done the work for you. They offer a complete, turnkey VoIP business service and equipment. Now you can start wholesale VoIP business with virtually no investment and yet reap great dividends.

    Wholesale VoIP Resellers:

    In today’s world, Service providers seeking to deliver VoIP to as wide a customer base as possible may find that becoming a wholesale VoIP reseller is the way to go. Wholesale VoIP may be sold to both other service providers and to enterprises or residential customers.

    Reselling IP telephony as a wholesale VoIP company is becoming an increasingly popular business model. For many companies, becoming a wholesale VoIP provider hits the sweet spot between profit and market control. Any firm with a well-established customer base is a good candidate for reselling wholesale VoIP.
    Becoming a wholesale VoIP reseller is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It does, however, offer the potential of being very lucrative if done right.

    Wholesale Consumer Demand:

    An important characteristic of the industry is the complex segmentation of consumer demand and rapid change in the characteristics that are being demanded, both at the end customer and in the intermediate ones (wholesale customers).
    Demand coming from ‘packed customers'? will be significantly different of the conventional telecommunications one, were telephony was the unique service to provide and differentiation was based on tariff-distance paradigm, being today's service offerings closer to data applications rather than telephony. Voice communication (and not old POT telephony) becomes the common feature into several communications applications and devices, but not the unique one.
    Messaging, conference, collaboration, web contact centres, etc … requires a common communication format between parties, which is voice, implemented through VoIP technologies. Heterogeneous and rapidly changing customer demands and products are important dynamic influences on the evolving structure of the telecom industry, resulting into a new value-chain.
    Telecommunication markets evolution will be driven by ‘packed customers' demand rather than networks, technology or finance, changing many decades rules into this industry.

    Finance in Telecommunication Industry:

    Finance institutions had been influencing Telecomm Industry since the beginning, due the business itself was characterized by huge investments, big market shares and bigger capitalization, influencing in many cases top management, who addressed their strategy towards ‘stock' opportunities rather long term and solid business models. WorldCom crash has been an example of this ‘financial market' pressure and wrong business management.
    Today, the networks has been deployed. New scenario in Telecoms enable new players to deploy services over broadband without proprietary network and this new generation business will not be anymore capital intensive, let's say these will be innovation intensive.

    U.S. VoIP Market:

    The US market for VoIP advanced dramatically in 2006-2007, adding 3.8 million VoIP households in 2006, reports In-Stat: As a result, wholesale VoIP revenues grows quickly, as MSOs, Skype, and a myriad of new entrants most lacking network facilities enter the market and drive demand for telephony features and applications, the high-tech market research firm says.
    As retail VoIP expands, wholesale VoIP will accelerate quickly, says Bryan Van Dussen, In-Stat analyst. The largest segment remains international VoIP, but we expect the market for local services to surge from 12% of all revenues to 27% by 2010.
    Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

    • Consumer VoIP adoption will drive wholesale VoIP revenues to $3.8 billion by 2010 from $1.1 billion in 2006.
    • In-Stat finds small businesses are driving the growth of hosted services in the U.S. Hosted VoIP seats in the U.S. ...

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    This page is a list of SIP trunking providers in the Netherlands. Please keep this list in alphabetical order. SIP providers looking to add their services can do so in the list below.

    • ALTOTELECOM - AltoTelecom is VoIP company that provides SIP Trunking services for Call Centers, hotels, small and large business using a PBX or an Asterisk based predictive dialer such as Vicidial or Goautodial for telemarketing sales, rates under 1 cent per minute to USA, Canada and UK
    • 1Pipe Telecom | OnePipe is a licensed carrier providing Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking in over 50 countries. We have regional network facilities spread across the globe.
    • AVOXI AVOXI Virtual Call Center Solutions - VoIP Service Provider, provide virtual call center products like SIP trunking and VoIP gateway solutions, with international toll-free numbers. Contact Number 1-800-462-8694.
    • CallForwarding - Be present anywhere in the world with toll free forwarding services from Contact Number: 800-231-9802
    • - Sip solutions for everyone. Dutch, English, German and Spanish support. Virtual Phone Numbers.
    • MKB Voice - Specialist in Voice-over-IP for SMB.
    • Redworks Best Telecom operator offers high availability, unlimited SIP trunking and hosted VoIP business telephony
    • Tritel BV - Affordable, Reliable and Accessible
    • - Tailored Internet telephony solutions VoIP provider for residential, wholesales and business. Providing international DID's via high quality SIP Trunks. Easy to connect your Asterisk, freepbx, Elastix, Trixbox, Alcatel-Lucent Pbx, CUCM, Avaya and many more.
    • VoipDigit - High quality business telephony, low prices. Online or local PBX, SIP trunking and virtual telephone numbers. Specialist VoIP knowledge.
    • Voiped Telecom - Tailormade complete SIP trunking solutions with competitive price to all destinations with tier1 direct interconnects for the best quality you could wish.
    • Voys Telecom - We change business telephony. High quality VoIP Trunks and Hosted VoIP accounts with the best service.

    • Voyced | Voyced is a VoIP (telephone) solution provider with the ambition to grow to becoming one of the main pan-European players with our low-cost, commercial grade IPPBX and VoIP services. We are already present in over 60 countries with telephone number / DIDs for residential and business users and expanding further. You can make phone calls to anywhere in the world without any extra crossing country border costs as all our clients get the same tariff, no matter where they are located. Quality and flexibility are always most important and now you can have that, wherever you are and for the lowest cost ever. ...

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  • 05/08/15--01:31: New Software Releases
  • This page is to inform on various VoIP related software releases.

    Your contributions are welcome, but please read the How to add information to this wiki page and the Posting Guidelinesbefore you post.

    May 2015

    April 2015

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  • 05/08/15--02:15: VoIP Termination
  • Please add information to this page about VoIP Termination.

    What is VoIP Termination?

    VoIP Termination is the process of routing a VoIP telephone call from one telephone service provider to another.

    VoIP Termination Providers

    Please list VoIP Termination providers here in alphabetical order.


    BIG NEWS, an innovative new VoIP gateway solution is emerging. Pingmar has develop an ever exciting VoIP terminal, which use mobile phones to make calls to local PSTN or mobile network. The device receive the voice data stream from soft switch, then transmit it to the mobile phone via Bluetooth and control the mobile phone to dial automatically.

    Compared with traditional GSM gateway, the Bluetooth device is easier to set up and extend. When used with the tailor designed Quality Guarantee System(QGS), it can greatly reduce SIM card blocking and improve voice quality. What is more, the price of the device is as low as USD 109.

    Contact us RIGHT NOW to get more benefits. Shoot your E-mail to / Also find us on Skype: pingmar.knight.

    10gea 10gea's wholesale SIP termination provides exceptional quality routes and high volume switching capacity for all types of Wholesale end users. Very competitive rates for both dialer and conversational high volume traffic on tier one routes.

    • Extremely Competitive Pricing
    • Short Duration and Conversational Routes Available
    • Experienced 24/7 Network Monitoring and Technical Support
    • Quick & easy test and turn up process

    Zoom Soft is a wholesale A to Z VoIP SIP termination service provider; providing cheapest rate SIP Trunking service in over 100 countries. We have regional network facilities spread across the globe.
    • A-Z wholesale termination
    • Branded customer portals
    • Service with SIP Portal
    • Exceptional call rate
    • Facilitate with all country :
      • USA, Canada, UK, India, Indonesia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Libya, Pakistan, Dubai, Hong Kong, Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Iran, Mexico, Belgium, France, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldive, Myanmar, Cameroon, Sudan, Ethiopia, Morocco, Africa, Mali, Gambia, China, Nigeria, Albanie, Algeria, American Samoa, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, Antarctica, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Italy including all country in world.
    1Pipe Telecom | OnePipe is a licensed carrier providing Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking in over 50 countries. We have regional network facilities spread across the globe.
    • Actual US CLEC
    • Branded customer portals
    • Multiple geographic locations on one Hosted PBX
    • Coverage in over 50 countries
    • Unlimited inbound on each channel
    • Great for inbound call centers
    • No fee's per user or extension

    A1Routes LLC is offering A-Z VoIP SIP trunking services to Carriers, CallCenters, Offices( SMBs & SMEs). Hassle free account setup and great tech support. We can provide consulting in setting up your organization's VoIP Infrastructure. A1Routes is your one stop shop for all your VoIP needs. ...

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  • 05/08/15--02:24: VOIP Service Providers B2B
  • Here is a list of VOIP Service Providers focusing on Business-To-Business services. This includes VoIP origination and VoIP termination, plans aimed at call centers, IVR providers and generic Asterisk users. See also:

    Services which require the use of locked ATA devices should not be listed on this page. Nor should services which do not permit simultaneous calls — most services here support at least 4 simultaneous incoming calls. Please list only services which support Asterisk connections, via SIP or IAX2, to the PSTN.

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  • 05/08/15--08:59: Virtual PBX
  • Virtual PBX is a budget-friendly form of hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that usually only handles inbound calls. A virtual PBX is typically intended for small business VoIP customers with fewer than 10 employees and low-volume telephone traffic.

    What Is Virtual PBX?

    A virtual PBX is an economy-class version of hosted PBX. Hosted and virtual PBX systems are business VoIP PBX phone systems that transmit calls over the Internet as data.

    A virtual PBX offers inexpensive business VoIP telephone service to small businesses. As with a hosted PBX phone systems, a virtual PBX is owned and maintained off-site by a VoIP service provider. A virtual PBX enables a small business telephone system to access enterprise-level features such as auto attendants and voicemail. With virtual PBX small business telephone systems, small start-ups, mom-and-pop shops, freelancers, and entrepreneurs can all present a professional image to vendors, investors, and customers.

    Depending on the service provider, a virtual PBX phone system may require a separate phone service for outbound calls.

    Virtual PBX Features

    Virtual PBX phone systems offer lower costs and fewer features than hosted PBX phone services. Compared to hosted PBX small business telephone systems, virtual PBX service is limited to the most basic fundamentals of business-oriented call controls. Virtual PBX is geared toward simple inbound call-routing for SoHo offices with few personnel, small budgets, and limited calling needs. As with many hosted PBX calling services, most virtual PBX phone systems do not require a contract or term commitment.

    Standard features offered with most virtual PBX plans are:

    • Voicemail
    • Auto attendant
    • Unlimited call handling (no busy signals)
    • Call forwarding


    Virtual PBX phone systems generally:

    • Handle only inbound calls
    • Offer a limited number of extensions
    • May not include Fax over IP (FoIP) services
    • Include a set amount of free minutes
    • May not offer voicemail-to-email
    • May not include international long-distance coverage
    • May not offer Internet fax service
    • May charge extra for conference calling

    The features offered vary by virtual PBX VoIP provider. As VoIP service becomes a more common solution for small business telephone systems, many virtual PBX plan features are incorporating the more advanced features of hosted PBX phone systems. Compare plans and prices to determine the best virtual PBX solution.


    Virtual PBX phone prices depend on a variety of factors, such as the features included. Virtual PBX phone service plans can start as low as $9.95 (Grasshopper) per month.

    Virtual PBX Service Providers

    Some virtual PBX providers include:

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  • 05/08/15--09:01: taridium
  • Taridium - Hosted Business Telephone Systems and Business Phone Systems

    Hosted PBX Software for Service Providers
    Free VoIP PBX Software
    Hosted Business Telephone Systems
    Business Phone Systems by Taridium
    Follow us on Twitter
    Order VoIP PBX Software on Amazon
    AMI: Taridium ipbx v2 Free 5 User Edition for instant deployment

    Taridium is the leader in open standards enterprise and provider VoIP solutions. Taridium's offering ranges from managed VoIP services for small and medium sized businesses through to high capacity telephony solutions for large enterprises and service providers. Taridium's award winning products and services have been designed to harness the power of open standards while reducing both ownership and telecommunication expenses. Taridium's customers include law firms, multinational pharmaceuticals, real estate management companies and consulting firms.

    Taridium comms

    Taridium's comms Virtual PBX platform is based on tried and tested architecture which today servers thousands of customers completing over one million calls every month.

    The comms software suite enables service providers to offer comprehensive hosted business telephone systems from a scalable platform. Taridium comms delivers communication solutions that integrate fax, voice and email communications for businesses worldwide whether through IP PBX/Centrex, Mobile PBX, Business Line and Trunking solutions.


    The comm platform is a true turn-key solution with fully integrated call rating and billing. With the comms virtual PBX interface business users have access to a fully featured PBX, including call forwarding, voice mail to e-mail and IVRs, call queues and much more.

    More information: Product Brief

    ipbx eXpress Software

    ipbx eXpress software is designed for small to medium sized environments, offering all the key advantages of Taridium's ipbx software. ipbx eXpress configurations are fully compatible with Taridium's ipbx enterprise solution allowing for a seamless upgrade path. All Taridium software is backed by extensive support options.

    Enterprise PBX Solution

    Taridium's ipbx enterprise VoIP platform combines all the advantages of an open standards solution with user friendly interfaces, extensive features, 7x24 monitoring and high reliability hardware.

    key advantages

    • unparelleled price to performance ratio
    • advanced feature set
    • non-stop, high availability hardware
    • 24x7 monitoring network & support
    • open standards
    • unified corporate dialplan
    • powerful call routing
    • solid state hardware

    By combining open source tools and open standards with best of breed hardware and software, taridium can offer one of the best price to performance ratios in the industry. ...

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