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  • 07/05/17--07:57: ANTRAX

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  • 07/05/17--14:51: Asterisk RTMP channels
  • RTMP Channel driver

    The Channel RTMP Asterisk module allows to place audio (and video) calls from a web browser using the FlashPlayer from Adobe(R). The license for chan_rtmp is GPL V2.

    We offer a standard free FlashPhone to connect to the Asterisk using the Channel RTMP module.

    - Main features
    • Asterisk 1.6 and 11 (help us to port it to Asterisk 13/14)
    • CLI commands
    • Text/Chat features
    • Audio and Video
    • Geo location (with IP)
    • Works with Vconference (Video / Switch module), Transcode (video transcoder)
    • And much more...

    - Account provisioning
    • configuration file (rtmp.conf)
    • realtime configuration

    - Codecs supported :
    • Audio Speex
    • Audio ulaw
    • Audio alaw
    • Audio PCM 16 bits
    • Video Sorenson (H263 frames, with a header mark)

    Demonstration :
    default :
    more looks :
    Call 700 (the "echo test"), 0001 or register a user rtmpXX, and call another rtmpYY already registred.

    You can request support to :

    Sources, can be found at:

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  • 07/09/17--19:26: REVE Systems

  • REVE Systems ensures the best returns on technology investments and strengthens the service providers' market presence by providing them with best-in-class VoIP solutions. We have a large pool of engineers who are experienced and well trained on varied environments and cross vendor platforms. This enables us to provide 24x7 Platinum Level Support to our clients and to ensure that their services are always available to their end customers.

    Headquartered in Singapore, REVE has its major development center in Bangladesh and India, branch offices in HongKong, USA and United Kingdom. We currently service customers in over 78 countries, where more than 2600 VoIP and telecommunication service providers have placed their trust on us.


    REVE Systems started in 2003 with a focused approach to serve the IP based communication industry. A Telecommunication and Software Solution provider, REVE Systems has a wide assortment of products, ranging from backbone infrastructure to peripheral products, including middleware. The company today holds a leadership position in Mobile VoIP, Softswitch& Billing and Bandwidth Optimization solutions.

    REVE Systems Blog Posts

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  • 07/09/17--23:16: WebRTC
  • Synopsis

    The practical implementation of VoIP was started on hardware based IP Phones. The idea was well received and was transferred into the concept of Soft Phones or software based IP Phones. These softwares always required some additional installation to the native Operating System. Most common examples of Softphones or Software based SIP client is Counterpath's X-Lite and Bria.

    The Evolution of Software Development made it possible to translate or formulate equivalent of almost every desktop based application to web based application. This brought major shift in Software Industry as the web browsers are integral part of almost every Operating System. SIP clients, were also transformed into Web Extensions. Most of the time, Flash was used to develop such extensions however, it always required extra plugin installation, thus decreasing system performance, and increasing chance to troubleshoot as it required additional resources to be deployed. And this problem gave rise to the concept of WebRTC.



    WebRTC provides the functionality of realtime multimedia applications without any installation of additional plugins, downloads or extensions. The ideal form of WebRTC describes such web based Real Time Communication independent of Browser being used by user. It's a Javascript based API originally being developed to develop browser to browser communication applications for Voice, Video and Peer to Peer File Sharing tasks.


    The architecture of WebRTC, as described by W3C looks something like this:
    WebRTCpublicdiagramforwebsite (2).png


    Major components of WebRTC include:

    • getUserMedia, which allows a web browser to access the camera and microphone
    • PeerConnection, which sets up the audio/video calls
    • DataChannels, which allow browsers to share data via peer-to-peer


    Chrome WebRTC Development Team

    Discussion List:
    Google Plus Page:
    Chrome WebRTC Issue Tracker: ...

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  • 07/09/17--23:31: VoIP Softphones
  • What is a VoIP Softphone?

    A VoIP softphone is a program that installs to and runs from your computer. A VoIP softphone enables you to make calls with just your computer using a VoIP service. Skype, iChat, and GoogleTalk are some of the more popular services, but there are many different ones available for you to choose from.

    A VoIP softphone is accessible wherever you have a computer with you and there are both paid and free VoIP softphones. Companies often offer their own proprietary softphones that are configured to work with their service like Cisco and Counterpath.

    The VoIP softphones are designed to be intuitive to use and most resemble an actual phone handset. Or you can choose to have the layout show your contacts if that makes calls easier. You can either click the buttons on the interface to dial or use the number pad on your keyboard.

    VoIP softphones are only a program on the computer, so a headset with a microphone or an internal microphone and speakers are also needed to make the calls. Headsets prices start at a very affordable $5-$10 for a standard configuration and can get up in the $100-$200 area for a high-quality wireless headset with a long battery life and interchangeable ear pieces.

    Who Can Benefit From VoIP Softphones?

    Softphones can be used by anybody with a computer. There are a few types of users who can really benefit from the features of a VoIP softphone:

    • VoIP beginners
    • Heavy travelers
    • Telecommuters
    • Call center employees
    • Small businesses
    • Frequent long-distance callers

    Find out How Softphone can boost your business

    VoIP beginners can quickly and cheaply explore how the service works by downloading a VoIP softphone to make free computer-to-computer or computer-to-phone calls. Heavy travelers can avoid racking up large bills on their mobile phones or at hotels by using a low-cost VoIP service with a VoIP softphone. Telecommuters can register a VoIP softphone with their office PBX system to enjoy the same call features available to them at the office while they are on the move. Call center employees and small businesses can save on costs by pairing a VoIP service with a softphone to avoid purchasing and maintaining desk phones. International and long-distance rates are much lower when using a VoIP softphone, so those making regular or frequent calls out-of-state or country can cut some major costs.

    VoIP Softphone Features

    VoIP softphones offer the same features that traditional phones offer and more:

    • Call forwarding
    • Call conferencing
    • Hold capabilities
    • Call transferring
    • Voicemail
    • Greeting capabilities
    • Text, IM, and video capabilities
    • Echo cancellation to improve sound quality
    • Contact list/address book

    Softphones also use less energy than phone and phone system hardware, which saves on costs and is useful for green companies.

    VoIP Softphone Protocols

    VoIP service uses different protocols to determine how the data is processed and transferred over the network. ...

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  • 07/10/17--11:07: Bicom Systems

  • Bicom Systems provides the Communicating World with the most Complete Turnkey Communication Systems available by Creating, Unifying and Supporting the Most Advanced of Current Technologies.


    Bicom Systems Ltd. was founded in 2005 to exploit its PBXware product.
    PBXware was the first Commercial Turnkey Telephony System to use Open Source software including Asterisk.

    Among the first customers to use PBXware was Redhat. The business model of Bicom Systems does hold similarities to Redhat in the manner by which it wraps Open Source software in a professional and charge for model, warranted to work.

    In 2008 Bicom Systems delivered a custom built conferencing solution to NASA to facilitate the holding of scientific study groups such as the Inter Planetary Conference.

    In 2009 Bicom Systems launched its Multi-Tenant Edition of PBXware.

    In 2010 Bicom Systems began a relationship with NEC to provide a hosted Telephony Platform to businesses across Australia.

    Bicom Systems published How to Grow an ITSP.


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  • 07/11/17--02:23: Hosted PBX
  • What is Hosted PBX?

    Unlike a traditional PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, which requires a large investment and ongoing maintenance and training, a hosted PBX is a cloud-based PBX system accessible via an IP network. Rather than being responsible for hardware, software, training, maintenance, and more, a hosted PBX provider takes care of it all. In addition to being completely managed off-site, resulting in no IT or installation costs, a hosted PBX system also provides businesses with the ability to manage their phone systems via a user-friendly control panel. For these reasons and more, hosted PBX systems are becoming increasingly popular solutions for today’s growing small to medium-sized business owners.

    Features and Benefits of Hosted PBX

    If you own a business with fewer than 300 lines, hosted PBX can provide you with a multitude of features and benefits. For starters, a hosted PBX system is much less expensive than a traditional on-site system. With hosted PBX, there is no need to buy expensive hardware and software, pay for installation, and manage the system. You simply pay a monthly fee and enjoy all of the benefits of the service.

    While less costly than standard on-site PBX systems, hosted PBX solutions are teeming with valuable features, such as on-hold music, call waiting, call routing, transfers, and more. Moreover, as the popularity of hosted PBX continues to grow, additional features like auto attendants, extension dialing, and ACD queues are being introduced.

    A hosted PBX can also be deployed immediately. In fact, most business owners are able to have their hosted PBX setup and running in under a day. Best of all, newer and more flexible hosted PBX applications are being deployed as well. Adding these applications and features can typically be done with a simple download or click of the mouse.

    The ability to add new features as they roll out is just one example of the scalability of hosted PBX. Additional lines, phones, and even an entire new department can effortlessly be added, which would be much more complex with a traditional on-site PBX.

    When you opt for a hosted PBX and outsource all the techie stuff, you will find your stress levels lowering as well. With a hosted PBX, a mountain of responsibility will be taken off your shoulders, allowing you to focus your attention on more important matters, like improving your bottom line.

    Hosted PBX Tips and Considerations

    Hosted PBX systems are incredibly easy to setup and utilize, but there are a few things you need to do when opting for one of these modern business phone solutions, such as:

    • Make Phone Number Arrangements – A temporary phone number is necessary for the porting process, but if you already have an existing number to port over, you must remain with your current provider until the number is ported to your new PBX provider. If you are getting a new number, it’s important to update others and let them know of the change through an email blast or similar means. While brief, all calls can be conveniently routed to cell phones during the transition period. Just remember, if you cancel your service with your previous carrier prior to porting your number, the number will no longer be yours to keep.
    • Arrange Your Dial Plan – When switching over to a hosted PBX, organizing the routing of your calls is one of the first things that must be done. In order to do so, you’ll need to define various rules for your calls, including:
      • The buttons used to activate voicemail and other features
      • The hours of operation for your desk phones
      • Setting up your directory
      • The handling of faxes
      • Sequential and simultaneous ringing
      • How off-hour calls are handled
      • Configure your emergency 911 settings

    Review Your Bill

    As you can see, setting up a hosted PBX is remarkably easy. However, after doing so, you should review the bills for the first and second month to ensure you’re receiving and utilizing all of the services you’re paying for. Depending on which company you choose as your hosted PBX provider, the first month’s bill may or may not reflect activation fees, setup fees, and number porting fees. The second month’s bill should be a typical bill without added charges for the setup process. By this point, you'll be well on your way to enjoying one of the most streamlined and hassle-free business phone systems available for small and medium-sized business owners. ...

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  • 07/11/17--03:58: VOIP PBX and Servers
  • Please list information about VoIP PBX and Servers on this page. Please keep VoIP PBX and server provider information in alphabetical order, and below any other relevant information.

    Page Contents


    • Asterisk-based converged telephone system for UK Businesses
    • 2daydirect: Brand NEW Small Business VoIP phones. Free 2 day shipping anywhere in the United States
    • 2N NETSTAR PBX, virtual PBX: VoIP PBX system
    • 2N Omega IP PBX: VoIP PBX system
    • 2N VoiceBlue Enterprise: Simple VoIP SIP PBX
    • 3CX: Software PBX which can be run on Windows, Linux and in the Cloud. Includes full UC features and softphone and smartphone clients.
    • 4PSA VoipNow: Hosted PBX software for service providers and enterprises, accelerating SaaS deployment. It runs on Linux environments (RHEL, SuSE Linux, CentOS, Fedora) on x86 and Power PC architecture based servers.
    • 8ix Zenith: 8ix Zenith spells an Asterisk derived IP Telephony application with the most advanced calling and communication features.


    • APPRIN آپرین Middle East VoIP Distributor IP Phone, IP PBX, Gateway, ATA from Digium, Grandstream, Barix.
    • ALLO PSTN-IPPBX for SOHO with 30 IP extension, upto 6 Analog Extension & upto 4 PSTN trunk
    • ActivePBX™ | Turn-Key Business Phone System $149/mo.

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  • 07/11/17--04:18: IP PBX
  • IP PBX is a phone system that utilizes IP communications. Traditionally IP PBX's are located on site where they can also interface to traditional telco services such as analogue phone lines. The business end users connect via IP to the IP PBX for voice service.

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  • 07/11/17--04:22: Virtual PBX
  • Virtual PBX is a budget-friendly form of hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that usually only handles inbound calls. A virtual PBX is typically intended for small business VoIP customers with fewer than 10 employees and low-volume telephone traffic.

    What Is Virtual PBX?

    A virtual PBX is an economy-class version of hosted PBX. Hosted and virtual PBX systems are business VoIP PBX phone systems that transmit calls over the Internet as data.

    A virtual PBX offers inexpensive business VoIP telephone service to small businesses. As with a hosted PBX phone systems, a virtual PBX is owned and maintained off-site by a VoIP service provider. A virtual PBX enables a small business telephone system to access enterprise-level features such as auto attendants and voicemail. With virtual PBX small business telephone systems, small start-ups, mom-and-pop shops, freelancers, and entrepreneurs can all present a professional image to vendors, investors, and customers.

    Depending on the service provider, a virtual PBX phone system may require a separate phone service for outbound calls.

    Virtual PBX Features

    Virtual PBX phone systems offer lower costs and fewer features than hosted PBX phone services. Compared to hosted PBX small business telephone systems, virtual PBX service is limited to the most basic fundamentals of business-oriented call controls. Virtual PBX is geared toward simple inbound call-routing for SoHo offices with few personnel, small budgets, and limited calling needs. As with many hosted PBX calling services, most virtual PBX phone systems do not require a contract or term commitment.

    Standard features offered with most virtual PBX plans are:

    • Voicemail
    • Auto attendant
    • Unlimited call handling (no busy signals)
    • Call forwarding


    Virtual PBX phone systems generally:

    • Handle only inbound calls
    • Offer a limited number of extensions
    • May not include Fax over IP (FoIP) services
    • Include a set amount of free minutes
    • May not offer voicemail-to-email
    • May not include international long-distance coverage
    • May not offer Internet fax service
    • May charge extra for conference calling

    The features offered vary by virtual PBX VoIP provider. As VoIP service becomes a more common solution for small business telephone systems, many virtual PBX plan features are incorporating the more advanced features of hosted PBX phone systems. Compare plans and prices to determine the best virtual PBX solution.


    Virtual PBX phone prices depend on a variety of factors, such as the features included. Virtual PBX phone service plans can start as low as $9.95 (Grasshopper) per month.

    Virtual PBX Service Providers

    Some virtual PBX providers include:

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  • 07/12/17--06:09: Cloud PBX
  • A cloud PBX system is a based on cloud computing technology, where data is stored and transferred over the Internet, rather than on a computer or piece of hardware that an end-user owns.

    Cloud technology that has been around for many years, but has only more recently become popular for consumer use with the introduction of programs like MobileMe and the iCloud, both consumer-based cloud computing technologies.

    History of the Cloud

    Cloud technology has many applications for businesses and consumers. In the mid-1990’s, companies that had previously used “point-to-point” data circuits to move and store data began to use a cloud technology instead as they found that this was a cheaper way to do the same tasks, and made more efficient use of bandwidth.

    The term “cloud” likely refers to the drawings of clouds used by its program developers to represent the abstraction of the Internet. The symbol was used to mark the division between responsibilities of the service provider company and the responsibilities of the customer.

    Cloud technology means that you can access the data and services of your cloud from any device connected to the Internet. So, with a cloud PBX provider, you can use all of the standard PBX features without the need of an actual PBX in your home or office.

    What is PBX? What is Cloud PBX?

    PBX, or public branch exchange, is the name used to refer to the technology that any given telephone provider uses to route calls. Originally, a PBX was a large unit of hardware that had to be stored on site and operated by hand. These machines could be very costly for a company, as they were large, needed special storage facilities, needed regular repairs, and had to be operated manually.

    Companies with multiple phones and many employees can’t function properly without some kind of PBX technology in the office. In more recent years, a PBX could be made to operate automatically, without an operator, but even these devices were expensive and complicated (the cheapest are around $400). And if a business needed to move to a new location, or add or remove a phone line, the process could be very costly and time consuming.

    Initial cost and upkeep of traditional PBX vs cloud PBX

    • Traditional PBX: About $5,000 including cost of installation and new equipment fees. $10.00/hour for an operator. If managed without an operator, can still run to around $300 or $400 for upkeep and Internet connection.
    • 3CX: Free for up to 8 sim.calls (unlimited users), Licences (based on sim.calls) start at $149 per year
    • handSIP Hosted PBX— Plans from $21.95/month include unlimited calling within US/Canada
    • RingCentral Virtual PBX: $19.99/month plus $0.049/additional minute
    • Cebod Telecom: $19.99/month All Inclusive and Unlimited Call
    • Vocalocity Virtual Extension:$14.99/month plus $0.03/additional minute
    • Elastix: Free for up to 8 sim.calls (unlimited users)
    • RingOffice Cloud Phone System: Plans from $10/month
    • Switchvox Cloud by Digium: $29/month, unlimited minutes and all UC features included
    • MultiTEL Cloud Hosted PBX— free for up to 5 users, $0.0095 for calls to US/Canada
    • PBX in a Flash: Free for up to 8 sim. ...

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  • 07/13/17--01:52: softswitch
  • Softswitch is a central device in a telecommunications network which connects telephone calls from one phone line to another, across a telecommunication network or the public Internet, entirely by means of software running on a general-purpose system. Most landline calls are routed by purpose-built electronic hardware however, soft switches using general purpose servers and VoIP technology are becoming more popular.
    Nowadays, many telecommunications networks make use of combinations of softswitches and more traditional purpose-built hardware.

    A softswitch is also a VoIP server, providing a soft switch platform with full IP PBX call features. The most difference from IP PBX is its enormous numbers of users.

    Typical application networking diagram

    Typical softswitch application.jpg

    See also

    Softswitch Manufacturers and Providers

    Class 4 SoftSwitch Solution– Tandem Capabilities with Affordable Services and Support

    With Ecosmob Technologies, one of the leading Class 4 solution providers is focused on developing scalable, high-quality and cost-efficient VoIP softswitch solutions for telecom industries worldwide. Class 4 SoftSwitch development service offered by Ecosmob enables effective scaling of voice services while catering a time-tested point-of-presence between two carriers.

    Class 4 SoftSWITCH Key Features At Glance

    - Intelligent Call Routing
    - Geographic, Nongeographic & Nomadic Routing
    - User friendly Web Interface
    - Load Balancing & Failover
    - WLR Customers

    VoIP Class 4 SoftSWITCH Solution

    Our VoIP Softswitch has been mainly designed for routing local and long distance calls, thus the software is affordable yet advanced that meets the needs of telecom industries. We develop class 4 switch based on the protocol of a particular country. We integrates Authorization, Accountancy, Administration and Billing. So, avail with a software that bridges network management and monitors tasks.

    Key Benefits of Class 4 VoIP SoftSWITCH

    - Provides flexibility, reliability, security and scalability
    - Offers quick support
    - Provides advanced switching solution deployment
    - Offers high voice quality

    Sonus Softswitch

    Sonus is one of the pioneers of Softswitch technology, delivering it's first version PSX6000 in 2001. Since then Sonus established itself as a major global supplier of carrier-grade, highly scalable solutions.
    - Proven performance and scale even under the most adverse conditions
    - Complete network protection against Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack
    - Robust features expected in a high-end softswitch, including media transcoding, encryption/authentication, centralized policy management and broad signaling interworking

    Cloud Sonus Softswitch is offered by R&R Managed Telecom Service

    Vox Switch
    Vox Switch is carrier grade softswitch platform from Voxvalley Technologies that is soon becoming a favorite choice for service providers and carriers across the globe. Vox Switch facilitates service providers to carry out routing, billing, reporting & monitoring of their VoIP services. ...

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  • 07/14/17--07:56: ITG Telecommunications

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  • 07/14/17--08:03: Load Distributor (LoDi)
  • HAAst-logo-mini.png


    LoDi is a product which distributes telephony load (calls) across multiple devices. In it's simplest form LoDi is a load balancer, sending calls to PBX's or other devices downstream based on their availabile capacity and capabilities. The result is optimal use of each downstream device's capacity and capabilities.

    LoDi's call distribution algorithms range from simple round-robin and waterfall to sophisticated and user-defined algorithms. Alternatively, LoDi can dynamically determine the capacity of downstream devices and direct calls based each device's available capacity. LoDi includes agents for monitoring downstream PBX's (such as Digium's Asterisk), REST based interfaces for querying intelligent PBX's, and user defined rules for calculating device capacity in realtime (for legacy devices/PBX's).

    LoDi's is also a technology gateway, bridging various technologies, protocols, codecs, and more. LoDi can accept calls from TDM trunks, SIP trunks, IAX trunks, H323 trunks, and more and deliver them to any other trunking technology. Similarly, LoDi can offload processing from downstream devices by performing codec conversion, SSL decoding, etc. LoDi can even rewrite headers and send calls to different routes/extensions/trunks/etc. downstream with modified headers. The administrator can also decide if LoDi should stay in the call stream.

    LoDi is available as a turnkey hardware device, a virtual device (for AWS / VMware), or as a software package which can be added to a Linux server. LoDi's capacity is limited only by the platform on which it runs. LoDi can also be clustered to create a high-availability load distributor, including comprehensive failure sensing as well as replication and synchronization of configuration and operating data between LoDi servers. LoDi uses the HAAst™ engine to create a robust high availability load distribution service. LoDi can also use the SecAst™ engine to provide anti-fraud and anti-hacking capabilities at the load distribution point.

    LoDi is an easy to use solution, with shell (command line), telnet, socket, and web interfaces, suitable for beginners and experts alike. LoDi is ideal for large multi-site call centers, or businesses with a cross-section of PBX / device technologies which must be integrated into a seemless fabric.

    LoDi is available in Free and Commercial editions. The Free edition is suitable for companies wanting to test if the basic functionality & compatibility meets their needs. In addition, the Free edition is a functional and useful load balancer for small multi-site environments. ...

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  • 07/15/17--18:45: REVE Systems

  • REVE Systems ensures the best returns on technology investments and strengthens the service providers' market presence by providing them with best-in-class VoIP solutions. We have a large pool of engineers who are experienced and well trained on varied environments and cross vendor platforms. This enables us to provide 24x7 Platinum Level Support to our clients and to ensure that their services are always available to their end customers.

    Headquartered in Singapore, REVE has its major development center in Bangladesh and India, branch offices in HongKong, USA and United Kingdom. We currently service customers in over 78 countries, where more than 2600 VoIP and telecommunication service providers have placed their trust on us.


    REVE Systems started in 2003 with a focused approach to serve the IP based communication industry. A Telecommunication and Software Solution provider, REVE Systems has a wide assortment of products, ranging from backbone infrastructure to peripheral products, including middleware. The company today holds a leadership position in Mobile VoIP, Softswitch& Billing and Bandwidth Optimization solutions.

    REVE Systems Blog Posts

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  • 07/18/17--00:42: VoIPIT
  • Custom-built communications solutions

    We are a telecommunications company based in Bucharest, Romania, offering customized VoIP services: DIDs, SIP trunks, Hosted PBX, as well as an extended range of personalized IT consulting solutions with an emphasis on voice networks.

    Whether you need help designing and implementing an entire call-center, or just one remote troubleshooting session to iron out the kinks in your existing deployment, you can count on us.

    Please visit us at (or for a full description of our services.

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  • 07/19/17--00:16: DID Service Providers
  • A Direct Inward Dialing service provider delivers a telephone number over VoIP protocol including SIP, IAX2 or h323. This DID Phone Number will receive calls using a sip soft phone, hard phone, or an IP PBX. The charges are charged per month, and per min, and per channel based. You do not require a hardware card in case you have a DID service provider to receive call, ie a PRI Card or a Analog Card. The call travels to you all the way over the Internet

    SMS enabled DID Providers

    • Provides Lowest Rental DID's,Unlimited Channel DID's,SMS supported DID's.Wholesale Pricing from First DID.
    • DIDWW.jpg
      DIDWW - the source for wholesale International DIDs and Toll Free Virtual Numbers. We provide Voice and SMS enabled DIDs in many countries. SMPP, HTTP and Email SMS forwarding.
    • MultiTEL is providing retail and wholesale Worldwide DIDs - over 90 countries. Pick your own SMS enabled DIDs from over 40 countries. (US, UK, CA, Germany, etc). Free access to JSON and SOAP API provided along with programming samples. No contracts, pay per month, instant activation. SMS forwarded via e-mail , URL or as SMS/Text message. All calls are forwarded to SIP, PSTN or to our free Hosted PBX. Coverage and numbers always available in stock from more than 90 countries.

    DID Providers by country


    • MultiTEL is providing retail and wholesale Angola (Luanda) DIDs . Free access to JSON and SOAP API provided along with programming samples. No contracts, pay per month, instant activation. Payment by card, paypal or bank transfer. All calls are forwarded to SIP, PSTN or to our free|Hosted PBX] . Coverage and numbers always available in stock from more than 90 countries.
    • TeleCallMart Local and Toll Free Numbers from 1$, Voip calls, SIP Phone, Auto Attendant, DTMF, REST API. No monthly fees and 0$ setup.


    • DIDNumberHub.comLowest Rental Argentina DID /Virtual Phone Numbers/DDI Numbers @$3/month including free PBX. with the Free forwarding via SIP/IAX2 ,Asterisk or VOIP. Phone Numbers all over the world are available. Free PBX __. Toll Free Number Available without Monthly commitments.Lowest Rentals from 1st DID.Unlimited Channel DID's available without per minute charge.
    • Provides Cheapest Argentina DID /Virtual Phone Numbers/DDI Numbers @_€ 2.95/month including free PBX. with the Free forwarding to Skype ,Gtalk , Trixbox ,Asterisk or VOIP. Phone Numbers all over the world are available. Free PBX __. Toll Free Number Available without Monthly commitments.

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  • 07/20/17--10:17: VOIP Service Providers
  • For a list of VOIP to PSTN service providers, indexed by country, please see:

    VoIP and VoIP Service Providers

    What is VoIP?

    VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. To put it in absolutely simple terms, VoIP could be defined as the technology that helps you to make phone calls over the internet. Since the calls would basically be measured in bits and not in minutes, VoIP rates are much cheaper.

    What makes VoIP More Cost Effective?

    One of the biggest advantages of using VoIP is that you don’t need a lot of specific hardware to use VoIP. This could be compared to the analog mobile network, where you need to get a lot of specialized equipment. This reduces the cost of setting up the system. The cost of installation is also less compared to an analog telephone system. Some of the other things that make VoIP more cost-effective are.

    More Than Just Computers

    When people think of VoIP, they generally think of computers due to the popularity of the numerous free communication services like FaceTime and Skype, but this is truly just one aspect of what VoIP can truly offer. It is true that VoIP technology transmits voice communication that's been converted into digital data across a packet-switched network or the internet (what this means, in essence, is that a user making phone calls over high speed internet lines rather than phone lines). With that in mind, users are not confined to only using it on a computer. ...

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  • 07/21/17--06:34:
  • About is the retail website of North America's leading VoIP solutions provider, VoIP Supply. offers a fast and easy way to find the VoIP hardware you are looking for. has products for consumers, small medium businesses, enterprises, government/educational entities, resellers and service providers. You can visit Here.

    About VoIP Supply

    VoIP Supply is North America's leading VoIP solutions provider. Since 2004, VoIP Supply has delivered valuable solutions for some 60,000 customers worldwide.

    With over 30 passionate employees, 2,500 products, 40,000 square feet of office space and an unlimited number of VoIP solutions to meet your needs VoIP Supply has everything you need for VoIP, whether you are a consumer, business, service provider or reseller. Offerings specializes in standards based VoIP equipment and VoIP systems. In addition to complete VoIP systems, VoIP Supply offers:

    Besides VoIP equipment and complete Business Phone Systems, VoIP Supply offers a number of value-added services to consumers, businesses, resellers and service providers:

    • Full online catalog at
    • Network assessments
    • Solution design
    • Device configuration, set-up, and installation
    • On-going maintenance and support
    • Device fulfillment (privately branded)
    • Extended no-questions asked warranties

    Upcoming Events

    VTech/ Snom Webinar
    Join our webinar with VTech and Snom as we talk about how they take full advantage of the two brands' advantages and bring the best value to their customers. Register Today!

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  • 07/21/17--14:57: Flowroute Review
  • Flowroute is a communications solution that is focused on helping your business grow. In addition to being a software company they are also a carrier, which allows them to provide direct access to telephone resources that help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

    Plans and Pricing

    Flowroute offers a customized pricing experience that suites your businesses direct needs. Don't worry about paying for services that you don't use, but were part of the package. With Flowroute you pay what you use with no nonsense fees.

    See also

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